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Bramdagh Bugti Involved in Target killing of Mir Bakhtyar Domki’s Wife and daughter

The wife and daughter of Sibi MPA Mir Bakhtiar Domki and their driver were killed in an attack near the Gizri flyover late on January 30.

As per eye witnesses, four assailants riding two motorcycles attacked the car, critically wounding the driver and the MPA’s wife and daughter, who were sitting in the backseats. A girl survived the attack luckily.

The bodies were shifted to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Complex (JMPC) after the incident.
Mir Bakhtyar Domki, who is a grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti, belongs to Sibi.
It is strongly believed that the incident could be a case of target killing based on personal enmity of Baloch tribes. Baloch tribes specifically ‘mari’ and ‘bugti’ have long feuding with each other and they brazenly kill each other’s family members for sake of placating their anger.
Domki, while talking to media, said that they [his family] wants justice from government of Sindh in form of incarceration of their killers and admitted that this grave incident could be the result of their own tribal enmities.
“They used to kill the men of our family, now they have started killing our women as well,” he said while slandering ‘mari’ tribe. “We have been sacrificing for our country, and will continue doing so.”

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