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Bewildered and Embarrassed Americans Blaming Pakistan for Terror!

Smoke rising from the building of US embassy; Taliban held that building for at least 19 hours

this only India used to accuse Pakistan of terrorism, not only this in
last 25 years India has several times to tried to get UN declaration of
Pakistan as a terrorist state. In order to fulfill its hideous plans
against Pakistan, India itself conducted terrorist attacks in its own
cities murdering its own innocent cities. Moreover India used present
govt. of Afghanistan against Pakistan in its propaganda. However now it
is different, first time in the history USA has accused Pakistan for
being involved in terrorism. In a meeting with reference to attack on US
embassy in Kabul on 13 September, in front of Defense Committee of
Senate American Chief of army Admiral Mike Mullen said that Haqqani
network attacked the embassy with the help of ISI. Pakistan is involved
in terrorism in Afghanistan. Pakistan is involved in terrorism in
Afghanistan. Haqqani network is the real power of the ISI. he told
Senate that he has reliable intelligence reports (before attack on
Afghanistan and Iraq US also had reliable reports which later proved to
be false and propaganda that Haqqani network is involved in all
terrorist activities including attack on Inter-Continental Hotel Kabul,
moreover ISI is using Haqqani network as Proxy War against America. 

Now one may call it embarrassment of American forces or a struggle in
vain to hide its weaknesses but reality is that American govt. and
Pentagon is facing extreme criticism and shame in front of its people.
Because in the building of US embassy situated in extremely high
security zone of Kabul, few Taliban entered into the building and faced
American commandoes considered as Supermen and unbeatable. This was
directly telecasted by CNN and other channels. 

Smoke rising from the building…

American leadership and army was facing same situation in front of
American people which Pakistan had to face after operation against Osama
in Abbottabad on 2 May. But the situation of Kabul was different from
the situation of Abbottabad in this regard that the building which was
claimed to be residency of Osama was not protected by trained and well
armed commandoes. US had attacked this building like thieves by
utilizing its latest night vision technology. Moreover this attack was
conducted by US under the veil of friendship. while the building in
Kabul was covered by several security blockades, security cameras and
space satellite was also tracking every movement around this building. 

So the people around the globe along with Americans were correctly
taking this building in Kabul as Pentagon outside USA. But Alas! few
crazy Afghans who had the concrete belief that US had illegally captured
their motherland for its evil plans, to get freedom is their only aim,
we may name them as Taliban or terrorists but they decreased American
Pentagon in Kabul into “Pent-Gone”. Now one can easily imagine that
Generals of a world power having captured half of the resources of
world, equipped with B-52 bomber to delete traces of human race from the
height of thousands of feet, and known as unbeatable, what they could
have said in their defense in front of representatives of their people,
they had only one way i.e. to blame others for their failures like
before. So they blamed ISI for attack on embassy in Kabul. 

Commandos busy in fighting with Taliban


Admiral Mullen accused Pakistan just in order to save his
credibility but including him no one can answer this question, that if Pakistan
is responsible to stop attackers/invaders from its tribal areas to Afghanistan
than why US does not accept responsibility to stop terrorists invading from
Afghanistan to attack Pakistan in the form of an army of hundreds? Moreover,
had UNO made Pakistan bound to protect American and NATO forces at the time of declaration
of the revolution against Afghanistan? Pakistan is target of attacks from two
sides internationally; on the one hand, it has to face propaganda while on the
other hand Pakistan is braving against terrorist and suicide attacks. Pakistani
public is constantly bearing losses but no one is ready to accept our loss. Neither
US media has any concerns with those who lost their lives in this American war
for snatching Afghanistan’s resources nor American rulers or Generals are
concerned. There is  just a policy of
genocide and snatching of Muslim’s resources which Americans has adopted under
the cover of self innovated intelligence reports based upon lies. This policy
of genocide gets strengthened every four years when there are Presidential
elections due in USA. USA and other European states claim themselves as flag
bearers of democracy, champions of human rights, freedom of speech and thought,
and moral values, but if we look at the history after the disintegration of
Soviet Union till now their hands are red with the genocide of Muslims in
Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan (as well as backing state terrorism in
areas like Palestine and Kashmir). More than 4 million Muslims have been
murdered by these beasts; while three times greater have lost their property,
homes and livelihood. Still deaths from attacks on Libya are to be added yet. Behind
every conspiracy and civil war in these Muslim countries, American Intelligence
(terrorist) agencies had played great role. The actual number of deaths can
only be found after peace is established there which seems to be a dream. In
order to capture oil resources in Libya CIA staged a rebellion against Gaddafi,
although after removing him they has captured oil fields but what happens to
the rest of Libya and innocent citizens they are not concerned about this. Now
there are reports that British and US intelligence agencies used Islamic
extremists (internationally known as Al-Qaeda and Taliban), while on the other
hand more than 15000 terrorists from Northern Alliance armed with American
weapons were sent into Libya by USA (United Satanic Alliance). Now the
situation in Libya is that liberal and Islamic groups had started war in
between themselves for getting the power. There are threats that Libya will
have to face same situation which was faced by Afghanistan after withdrawal of
Russian forces, lets come back towards our today’s topic;

Burhanuddin Rabbani

second major shock for US was death or Burhanuddin Rabbani, Rabbani was
conducting talks with active Taliban commanders for establishment of peace
since last two years. Keeping in view progress from these peace talks US had
got names of few Taliban leaders removed from UN list of terrorists, in order
to send a friendly message to Taliban. The target was only to show US public
and international community that USA is withdrawing from Afghanistan after
establishing peace. But USA wanted to keep Pakistan away from this peace
process in order to insure that in future Afghanistan remains enemy of
Pakistan. Meaning that Afghanistan and Pakistan who have adjacent boundaries,
mutual cultures, relations, tribes become enemy of each other, without ground
link from Pakistan Afghanistan may not survive while India which has no link
with Afghanistan is given free hand to train terrorists there for Pakistan. By
having friendly Afghanistan India should be able to conduct terrorism in
Pakistan, suicide attacks, support armed movements and rebellions, all this is
rightful for India. For Pakistan it is necessary to bear all this Indian
aggression. Because few rebellious intellectuals, journalists, writers think that
Pakistan’s policy towards Pakistan with reference to STRATEGIC DEPTH is wrong
and interference of Pakistan army in Afghanistan. Moreover, after claiming these
elements themselves raise hue and cry that they are being named as rebellions
and pro-Indian. While the purpose of Strategic Depth policy for Afghanistan is
only to insure that no interference and terrorists activities are conducted
from Afghanistan which was pro-Indian since independence of Pakistan in 1947.

American Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta; known as guarantor for India

                Here I
would like to quote an incident about the vigilance of American and allied
intelligence agencies for peace in Afghanistan by passing Pakistan. In the May
of last year peace talks and meetings were initiated with a person named as
Mullah Muhammad Mansoor claiming to be Taliban commander. When progress was
seen, a message to Washington was sent that Taliban are ready for peace talks
ignoring Pakistan. After further progress media in Washington was also allowed
to publish news that ice has started melting and public will soon hear good
news. CIA and European agencies also got courage that they can influence
Afghanistan without Pakistan’s support. Hamid Qarzai arranged a secret dinner
for Mullah Mansoor in the Presidential residency in order to make a deal. Chief
of Afghan Intelligence Agency and NATO and CIA officials also participated. During
all this, Mullah Mansoor was bestowed with bribe money and other gifts. Mullah
Mansoor visited Brussels and other European countries for talks with European
and American intelligence agencies. This trip was arranged by NATO. American
media was waiting that when these good news are unveiled that suddenly they got
reports that Mullah Mansoor has gone, they accused that ISI might have
kidnapped him. However on 23 November 2010New York Times told the world that
Mullah Mansoor was fake and not a Taliban commander. He befooled Americans and
went away with millions of dollars. New York Times in a special report wrote
that story of meetings with Mullah Mansoor seems to be just like as a spy
novel, in which a fake person befooled Super Power like USA. Now American and
Afghan officials are reluctant to trust anyone, that in the name of peace
process with whom they started relations was fake.  He had no link with Taliban.

Admiral Mike Mullen

                Now in
the case of murder of Rabbani same like situation has been experienced. American
officials had started claiming that murder of Rabbani was planned cross
borders, in the words in Pakistan. They are of the view that Quetta Shoraa and
Haqqani Network is involved into it. They are talking about attacks over
Northern Waziristan for Haqqani Network and Baluchistan for Quetta SHoraa. According
to New York Times the person who targeted Rabani was named as Asmat-u-Llah. He
was in contact with Rabani, CIA and Afghan officials for last five months. He was
not fake like Mullah Mansoor, but utilizing his close links with Taliban he had
succeeded in reaching into the Aman Jirga for Peace talks. In order to gain
trust of Rabbani he arranged many meetings between Rabbani and Taliban leaders,
many of them laid down their weapons. According to the newspaper Taliban had
planned to kill Rabbani at the end of winters, because they were of the view
that Rabbani had been working to divide Taliban. They several times warned
Rabbani but when he did not accept they had to kill him.

The building of US embassy in Kabul

problem is not the attack over US embassy in Kabul or murder of Rabbani but
problem is American control over Afghanistan through Northern Alliance. Pakhtun
are not ready to accept this. America has befooled whole world in last ten years
through its media that it is fighting against Muslim extremists in Afghanistan.
While the ground realities are different, Pakhtun are fighting for freedom as
they were fighting against Soviet Union, they will keep on fighting until they
get freedom or doomsday.  Americans have
now realized that they may survive for few years in Afghanistan by massacre but
they cannot win the hearts of Afghan. Moreover in the way they have conducted
genocide in Afghanistan there is no possibility of winning the hearts of
Afghan. But before withdrawing from Afghanistan as defeated they want to spread
such a destruction which can ensure the success of Obama in the Presidential campaign.
Will discuss this later…

Written By Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 01 October, 2011.

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