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Better results surfacing in terror war: Malik

LAHORE: Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik Wednesday stated that Pakistan was getting better results in war against extremism, meanwhile, spokesman to Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Athar Abbas, citing the successful military offensive in Swat, was of the view that Pakistan army set an example for the world by clearing Swat off terrorists, Geo News reported.

Addressing an event organized by ISPR, the minister credited Pakistan army of restoration of peace in Swat valley and revealed, citing the findings of investigations, that owing to illiteracy and poverty in country, some suicide bombers were incited and a few were bought for launching terror attacks.

“Neither has the government amended Blasphemy Law nor would it change it in future,” Malik clarified.

ISPR spokesman Major General Ather Abbas termed military success in Swat army’s ‘big victory’, adding that we have set an example for the global world.

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