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Baluchistan is under the shadow of Rasul Allah (SAW). Enemies can go to hell !

Do NOT panic. InshAllah, Baluchistan is not going anywhere. The enemies and the traitors within cannot break away Baluchistan. There is a deliberate information war by the likes of SAFMA to create the hype to give this perception that Pakistan is breaking up. Stay firm and stay united.

 There is no power on earth which can undo Pakistan, InshAllah.

Baluchistan is 42 % of Pakistan territory. Its population is only 4% of Pakistan, about 8 million. Out of this, nearly 5 million are Pashtuns, Brahwis, Makranis, Punjabis and Sindhi Pakistani Muslims who have no problem at all. Within the Baluch Muslims Pakistanis, 90% are with Pakistan alhamdolillah. The separatists are just a few thousand misguided men from only 4 districts out of 28 districts of the province.

 Hyberyar Marri, Brahmadagh Bugti and Attaullah Mengal are taking help from US and India to wage a war against Pakistan but the reality is even within Bugti and marri tribe, there are thousands of youth who are great patriot Muslims and love Pakistan.

Nawab Akbar Bugti had exiled his own tribe of Raheja, Kalpar and Messori sub-tribes into Multan and Dera Ghazi Khan for 15 years and had taken over their lands in Sui and Dera Bugti.

He persecuted his own Baluch people and killed his own family members for demanding rights.

This is where Pakistan army intervened in 2004 to protect Baluch Bugti tribe from the crimes of Akbar Bugti in 2004 and helped the Kalpar, Messori and Raheja Bugtis to come back to their native lands. Upon this Akbar Bugti started a war against Pakistan and was then chased out into the hills where he committed suicide.

Yes, Akbar Bugti committed suicide and he was NOT killed by the army.
Today, the MNA from dera Bugti is Mir Ahmadan Bugti, a patriotic Raheja Baluch, a first cousin of Akbar Bugti, who was exiled with over a hundred thousand Baluchs by Akbar Bugti. Army brought him back. He is the MNA and has been elected by the entire Bugti tribe and he defends Pakistan against terrorists of Brahmadagh Bugti. You hear the interviews of Brahmadagh in this SAFMA controlled media but you never hear the voice of Mir Ahmadan Bugti, the real patriotic Bugti Baluch Muslim and Pakistani! This is how media manipulates the truth. Go and ask Mir Ahmadan Bugti about the truth of Bugtis being against Pakistan and he will show you how proud Bugtis stand with Pakistan!

There is no government in Pakistan today, even in Islamabad and the country is in a state of war being invaded by enemies from all sides.

If Pakistan army does not stop the TTP and the BLA terrorists, the country would be destroyed by now. That is why you see all the fake propaganda against the missing persons and army atrocities against the Baluch. In reality, FC and Pak army are defending Pakistan against Indian backed insurgencies where even the CIA is involved. There is a massive infighting between the BRA and BLA also where both groups are killing each other for weapons, money and turf.

They kill each other and then blame army for the murders. Many have gone to Afghanistan for training and their families register them as missing persons. This is all part of the war against Pak army and the media is fuelling this war.

Americans want to take over Gawader. The recent resolution in US congress has encouraged the exiled separatists that they can use the CIA and India for a Libyan styled invasion. Never InshAllah! As long as Pakistan can block the NATO supplies, US do not have the resources and the weapons to make a landing at Gawader.

If we release the supplies, then the Americans can make such a plan but even then, there will be fighting but Baluchistan can never be separated from Pakistan, InshAllah.

The situation in Baluchistan is NOT like of East Pakistan. The few thousand insurgents can blow up few pipelines and kills a few Muslims and soldiers but they can never break Pakistan which is under the shadow of Rasul Allah (sm).

Even today, from Governor to Chief Minister to ministers, all are Baluch in the government. The President of Pakistan is also a Baluch. Farooq Leghari was a Baluch also.

Mazari was the prime Minister and was a Baluch also. Jamali was the PM and was a Baluch also. Baluchis Pakistanis Muslims from Baluchistan have reached the highest offices of this country. If Baluchistan have not received developments, they are responsible, not the army or the ISI. The whole country is suffering today not just Baluchistan.

The only way to end the suffering of the people is to bring the system of Khilafat e Rashida in the country and implement the Islamic system of social justice. The system of present day is Zalim, not the country.

The solution is come under the shadow of Rasul Allah (sm) not to wage a war against Rasul Allah (sm), on whose orders this Pak Sarzameen was created.

We invite all Baluch youth to join hands with us in Takmeel e Pakistan to bring in the system of Khilafate Rashida so that all zulm can be eliminated and due rights can be shared within Muslims. But we will fight against all those who want to break the Pakistan of Rasul Allah (sm). By Allah, we will!

Now you know the truth. Spread it far and wide and do not fall for the propaganda of the enemies. InshAllah khair. This Pakistan is here to stay, alhamdolillah. Enemies can go to hell !


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