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Baloch Militant Attacks Affecting Pak Army Relief Efforts for Earthquake Victims

Baloch militants continued their attacks against security forces engaged in relief operation, badly affecting relief activities in earthquake-stricken areas of Awaran and Kech districts.
Army and Levies personnel were attacked by militants in Mashkay and Awaran areas. The attack in Mashkay area left one man dead and two others injured. The armed men opened indiscriminate fire on a vehicle carrying Levies personnel in Jhaljaho area of Mashkay tehsil. They intercepted the vehicle in the area, badly beat up Levies personnel after snatching their weapons and then escaped.
In another attack in Mashkay, militants fired rockets and bullets on army personnel distributing relief goods and rehabilitation activities among earthquake-hit people. The earthquake-affected people, especially women, children and the elderly, are facing hardship due to hurdles in distribution of relief goods and rehabilitation work.
Pak Army and FC were sending and distributing relief goods among the people of Awaran and Mashkay. Attacks on security forces had been badly affecting the relief operation. The situation could result in more suffering of earthquake-hit people and even starvation among them.
Despite deadly attacks, Pak Army and Frontier Corps had not abandoned the relief work and they were providing all help to affected people.  Pakistan Army will continue their efforts to mitigate suffering of the people of Awaran district who have experienced a big tragedy and lost their near and dear ones.

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