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Army helicopter feared shot down in north Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, May 2 (Xinhua) — A Pakistani army helicopter was feared shot down in northern Pakistan early Monday morning, causing at least one dead and two injured, local media reported.

According to local Urdu TV channel Geo, the incident took place at about 1:20 a.m. local time in a hilly area of Abbotabad, a small town lying some 60 kilometers north of the country’s capital city Islamabad.

The report quoted eyewitnesses as saying that heavy firings were heard before the helicopter fell down. It is not known how many people were aboard the plane which is reportedly capable of carrying eight to 10 persons.

One local Urdu TV channel Ary reported that at least one person was killed and another two were injured in the crash.

Rescue team has rushed to the site shortly after the crash was reported.

Local media quoted eyewitnesses as saying that there were at least two army helicopters flying low over the area when one of them crashed into the lawn of a farmer’s house.

At least two houses were reportedly engulfed by the huge fire caused by the crashed chopper.

The place where the helicopter crashed is near a Pakistani Military Academy, said the local media reports.

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