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Army copter makes emergency landing

ISLAMABAD, March 10: A helicopter of Pakistan Army with five personnel on board made an emergency landing in a rural area of the capital on Thursday morning.
The army`s Acquirell helicopter took off from the Dhamial Base in Rawalpindi on routine training, but developed technical fault, which was noted by the pilot when it was near Koral.

The fault forced the pilot make the emergency landing in the fields in Burma Town near village Tarlai. The pilot, two crews and two officers remained unhurt.

A senior police officer said the pilot informed the Dhamial Base tower about the fault and asked for permission to land it immediately.

Shortly after the landing, contingents of police and army rushed to the spot and cordoned of the area. Ambulances, fire engines and another army helicopter with technicians also arrived there. After a five-hour repair, the fault was removed and the helicopter was flown back to the base.

Sikandar Zaman, a guard outside a house, told Dawn that he and others witnessed the emergency landing from the roof of a building near the fields.

“At one stage we thought that it would collide with a building,” he added.

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