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Army chopper crashes into Chenab River

Wednesday while flying over Chenab River near Wazirabad town in Gujranwala district, officials said. Army officials said army teams were reached the scene to search the helicopter after it lost communication with the airbase. The pilot and trainee onboard were feared to be killed in the accident, sources said. “It was a two-seater helicopter which is generally used for technical purposes,” official told the media. The rescue teams and police also rushed to the spot while three army choppers also reached for search operation, officials said adding that divers from Mangla were also called to search for the wreckage of ill-fated chopper.

Major Zahid Bari’s helicopter crashed today in the Chenab. Wreckage of the helicopter has been recovered while fate of Major Zahid and trainee pilot Captain Irfan Ahmedl is still unknown. Major Zahid was part of the famous PTV drama Parwaz-e-Junoon which was aired last year. A two-seater small trainer helicopter of army aviation crashed into waterway on

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