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American Operation to kill Osama in Pakistan, what really happened?

It was the time of midnight when SEALS of america came into action. Maybe they used some new stealth helicopter in this operation. Radar system of Pakistan was offline at that place at night due to peace situation so American choppers cross the borders of Pakistan without any trouble. They easily reached at Osama’s compound. There too they did not got any resistance. Navy SEALS rashed into compound with a blast of bomb. They got no resistance at all. People near that area called police. Police reached at the spot but they thought Pakistan Army must be operating there so they went back. On the other side SEALS easily completed their operation by taking over Osama Bin Laden. They searched through the compound and captured many records. Now SEALS took Osama with themselves and moved away from the compound. No wonder how one of their choppers was destroyed at Osama’s compound. Pakistan Army reached at the spot about 15 minutes later of that operation. When they look at the chopper they understood there must be any America’s activity there. At that time Pakistan Air Force fighters explored area but found nothing useful.
Few facts from that story.

  • Navy SEALS operated in Pakistan
  • Pakistani radars were offline in that area
  • Police reached during the operation but went back
  • SEALS got no resistance at all
  • Pakistan Army reached 15 minutes later after operation

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