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America to attack on Pakistan in March, secret report

According to reports NATO attack on Pakistan was planned. Most of Pakistan Army official already stated that.

But what about the latest report? According to a report published by local newspaper NATO is soon going to strike Pakistan and previous attack was a part of this plan. First of all they will land their forces in north Waziristan  blaming to attack on terrorists. Pakistan will hit them back and it will cause declaration of war from both sides.

America is already prepared for such an attack. They are preparing for this attack since 2 years. America will never apologize to Pakistan because performing such act will cause America to stop such attacks further. Such attack is expected in March or April next year.

America will attack after winter for faster movement of army. Until that times they will keep dialogues with Pakistan but will never apologize.

For two years American planes passed through Pakistan border. These planes were carrying warfare equipment to be used against Pakistan. 

It is not a threat for Pakistan but more challenge for America because they are currently facing economic problems. An article about Pak US war and economic issues for both countries will be discussed later.

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