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Al-Qaeda Video On ‘Missing Persons’ Seeks To Discredit Pakistan Army And Police In Muslim Eyes

A new Al-Qaeda video seeks to discredit the image of the Pakistani Army and police in the eyes of Muslims and presents instances from the past several decades to argue that they have always committed atrocities against Muslims of Pakistan.
The 19:31-minute video is the sixth in an Al-Qaeda series called “Sharia or Democracy” and is titled “What did democracy deliver us – A ‘mujahid’ army which is the friend of infidels and the killer of Muslims.”
The video accuses the Pakistani army of acting against Muslims in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and shows footage of the Pakistani army surrendering to India at the end of the 1971 war that created Bangladesh. A commentator says that the Pakistani Army has turned its guns on its own people, as clips from the post-9/11 war on terror are shown: A mosque destroyed by Pakistani troops in South Waziristan, houses and cars burnt down in North Waziristan, Pakistani troops shooting captured youth in Swat to death, and so on.

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