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Air strikes in North Waziristan Agency Against Foreign Funded and Foreign fighters

Air strikes in North Waziristan Agency launched against
foreign funded and foreign fighters who are hiding in sanctuaries in North Waziristan.
These terrorists had been waging a war against the state of Pakistan by
disrupting our national life in all its dimensions, stunting our economic
growth and causing enormous loss of life and property. These militants had
perpetually terrorized the entire peace loving locals.
Pakistani jets has been bombing militants’
hideouts in North Waziristan, and killed more than 60 insurgents including
foreign militants. It is notable that since the present government had started
the peace dialogue with the Taliban, the TTP had been acting upon a dual
strategy, as sometimes, it accepted responsibility for its terror-attacks, but
sometimes, it denied the same. In this context, TTP has refused that it was
behind the some attacks, but it accepted responsibility when Taliban insurgents
targeted the Rangers, Police and anti-polio workers in Karachi in wake of the
peace talks. Similarly, Taliban had claimed responsibility for the brutal
massacre of 23 personnel of the Frontier Constabulary who were abducted from
Mohmand Agency, four years ago and later shifted to Afghanistan. Similarly, TTP
had condemned the brutal assault on the church in Peshawar. But, afterwards,
its spokesman had remarked that it was in accordance with Sharia (Islamic
Jurisprudence) which indicated that the group was behind that ruthless attack.
Nevertheless, the victims of terror-attacks in
Pakistan have been innocent men, women, and children. While, ruthless
beheadings of the people assaults on security personnel and prominent religious
figures—blowing children schools and attacking the female teachers in order to
deny education to girls, the militants also targeted cinemas and the places of
worships. Their nefarious acts resulted into martyrdom of more than sixty
thousand Pakistanis including security forces’ personnel. Besides, they also
criticized the developmental projects carried out by Pak Army.
As part of their atrocities, TTP also killed of
Ulema (Religious scholars) like Maulana Hassan Jan who declared its activities
as un-Islamic. TTP militants have been using suicide bombing as their main
weapon against their own country by calling suicide bombers-the followers of
Islam. In this context, Imam-e-Kaaba, Sheikh Abdul Rahman
during his visit to Pakistan and during his Khateeb-e-Hajj had clearly stated
that suicide attacks are illegal (Haram). He explained, “Such acts fall under
the category of crime and suicide bombers or attackers are destined to go to
Hell…they represent enemy of Muslims and they commit crimes against humanity, while
misguiding other Muslims.” Denouncing terrorism as un-Islamic, he pointed out
that terrorists’ activities are part of a conspiracy to defame Islam and
destroy Muslims. It is mentionable that the TTP Chief Maulana
Fazlullah had dismissed the proposed peace negotiations with the government as
a “waste of time”, and vowed to target the prime minister, chief minister,
chief of army staff and corpse commanders. Well-established in Afghanistan,
with the tactical support of the US, in connivance with Indian RAW and Afghan
spy service, the National Directorate of Security and Pakistani Taliban,
Maulana Fazlullah—and these foreign agencies have been conducting various sorts
of terrorist acts including ethnic and sectarian violence in Pakistan. 
Nonetheless, true
teachings of Islam, especially the Islamic history prove that the insurgents
were suppressed and eliminated by the Islamic governments. As the TTP-led
terrorists had accelerated their anti-social, undemocratic and un-Islamic
practices, therefore, people from all segments of life wanted that a handful of
terrorist elements must not be allowed to dictate their agenda and to impose
their self-perceived ideology on the majority of Pakistanis. So, the right hour
has come that Pakistan’s media, politicians and leaders of religious parties
must show solidarity with the armed forces by also rejecting the propaganda of
these zealots against the security forces in relation to the ongoing military
operation in North Waziristan.

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