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Aasia, Nilofer, of Shopian District and “Aman Ki Aasha…”

AUTHOR: Khalid Baig

Young Girls Protesting Indian State Terrorism

On my previous article (Published in daily Nawa-i-Waqt) about Delhi Peace Conference many liberal and enlightened persons have objected that persons like me are a hurdle in Pak-India friendship. According to them we should accept superiority of India because we cannot face it. They say that, “Time has proved that Two Nation Theory was one of the biggest allusion of last century and partition of 1947 is the actual cause of all the problems of Muslims of subcontinent. Everyone is being punished for this in the name of freedom.”

All these pro-Indian enlightened people are advised by to migrate to India; there very soon they will know the reality. The persons who like slavery cannot enjoy freedom.

Let us now come towards the two big media groups of both countries busy in struggle to bring people of Pak-India closer and establish peace in the name of “Aman Ki Aasha”. They think that when pressure of public will increase the rulers of both countries will be forced to ignore mutual disputes and in this way wishes of public will force governments to come to friendship.

Definitely “Aman Ki Aasha” is a good try. Especially the song that was composed of lovely melodies…

This is a song of an Indian film “Roja”. That movie was prepared on propaganda against Pakistan based upon hatred and was a cause of hurting Pakistani public’s feelings. However that is upon the will of both media groups whatever they name their efforts. But this effort has two basic shortfalls:

1. The people of both countries have not been told about the disputes which have created unending crisis between both countries and have forced both countries at the brink of Deadliest nuclear War. This should be told to the public that have Muslims forced Lord RadCliff Boundary Commission to include areas having Muslim majority of central Punjab and cause the worst massacre and biggest migration? In the number of thousands those women are still alive who have been kidnapped by Sikhs and Hindus during migration and riots. After partition had Pakistan forced India to capture Kashmir having 95% Muslim Population? After this whatever happened in Eastern Pakistan, now no matter we take our people responsible for fall of Dhaka for our political needs, but had not India Established Mukti Bahni? The majority of Mukti Bahni did not consist of regular Indian army? If you want to know the truth read the book “The India Doctrine” written by Barrister of Bangladesh Supreme Court M.B.I. Munshi. After reading this one will know about what was India’s role in fall of Dhaka. And is not now same game being played in Balochistan? Few days ago Chinese Secret Agencies have warned Pakistan that Indian RAW is planning to highjack Pakistani Air Lines to Kandahar along with Bloch Liberation militants so that Balochistan freedom campaign could be taken to international law. And a feeling of insecurity of Pakistan could be reinforced.

2. Through the efforts of both media groups for peace this confusion has been strengthened that perhaps rulers of both countries are not ready to ignore disputes and establish friendship while this is totally wrong. Pakistani rulers are always ready to sacrifice security and integrity of Pakistan for friendship with India. “If we had not helped India God knows what have been the condition of India.” These are the words of chief of Floor of the House of Pakistani Parliament. Have not our rulers handed over the lists of Freedom Fighters Sikhs to India and given a proof of our friendship? Do not our rulers talk about having a mutual Currency for both countries? India is busy in creating cheap electricity by building dams and deprivating Pakistani from its legal part of water. While here whole Pakistan has been engulfed by darkness. The Pakistani rulers do not dare to say harsh words or even make any protest or issue statements for expressing feelings of Pakistanis. Can there be a bigger sacrifice then this for friendship? We are so much blind in our politeness that in spite of all the proofs that India is helping terrorists in NWFP and involved in armed interference in Balochistan but we still beg for peace talks with India.

While mentioning the peace process let us talk little about painful story of 22 year old Nilofer Jaan and her sister-in-law 17 year old Aasia belonging to Shopian district of held Kashmir. That how Indian beasts made them a victim of gang rape before martyring them and then threw their bodies in the abandoned jungle. While Indian Foreign Minister showed extremes of shamelessness and boastfulness, blamed Kashmiri Mujahideen for this act and arrested many innocent Kashmiri boys. The Muslims of India are sad due to this incident but majority of Pakistanis do not know about it. It is clear when our media will be busy in singing songs of “Aman Ki Aasha” how can such news get published?

It is the incident of 29th of May 2009. After completing work at home 22 year old Nilofer went to collect wood at the back of her house along with her infant son, while her sister-in-law Aasia also accompanied her. Aasia was youngest in her home so she was much beloved and intelligent in her studies. She had won Gold Medal few weeks ago by taking first position in Matriculation exams under State Board of Jammu and Kashmir. Now she was waiting for new educational session so that she can continue her education in college. She used to help in house work and accompany Nilofer when she went to collect wood in Jungle.

Nilofer and Aasia were breaking dry branches of trees and gathering in the form of a heap while playing with each other. When enough wood was collected Nilofer looked at her watch. It was 6:30 pm. Nilofer called Aasia that it has been too late so they should return back to home. They divided the wood in two bundles and started their journey to home with bundles of wood on their heads. After returning back to home Nilofer had to go to doctor with her husband. She was pregnant of two months. Everyone used to pray that Allah gives him another son but she wanted a girl intelligent like Aasia.

They had walked a few steps that suddenly few Indian soldiers appeared. They were asked to stop. Right at that time the mobile of Nilofer rang up. Phone was in the hands of Aasia, her brother Shakeel was calling. Aasia handed over the phone to Nilofer. Nilofer told her husband that they have been stopped by some Indian soldiers and they will return back to home soon. Nilofer also told names of Indian soldiers by reading it from their name plates on their shirts. “Balbeer”, “Shankar”, “Dara Singh” and “Ram”, after telling these names Nilofer hanged up the phone/mobile. Shakeel had not known that he will not be able to listen to his wife’s voice again.

Indian soldiers demanded ID cards. Although they knew that women never take their ID cards with them. Upon not producing the ID cards they asked what they have hidden in bundles of wood. Nilofer told them that it is dry wood and it was clearly seen. The Indian soldiers who were 15 in number ordered them to go the nearest army camp show them that what is in the bundles. Girls rejected this and some of the soldiers ordered them to move on the gun point. How can these weak and innocent girls stand against beast in uniform? They went to their camp. When they arrived into the camp more then 40 soldiers were already present their. Aasia started crying. Nilofer did not lose courage and was replying to the soldiers. She opened up the bundles on the earth and showed them to the soldiers.

Nilofer tied up the bundles again and picked them on to their heads to leave, but a soldier threw the bundle from her head with the barrel of rifle and asked them to go to the room for body search. They rejected as they had understood intentions of Indians. On the signal of their officer few soldiers came forward and pulled them into the room. When girls started yelling they put the cloth in the mouth of the girls and tied them up.

Asiya and Nilofer

On the other hand Shakeel has sensed the seriousness of the situation so he informed his neighbors. Whole village went to jungle to search for girls. After long search he was unable to meet his wife and sister. However the presence of army’s patrolling party was proved. The respected influential people of village gathered and went to the police station and once again went to the jungle to search for girls along with Police. They could not find them because Nilofer and Aasia were not in jungle. Indian Police was not ready to go to the Army camp. Villagers told police that both girls will be in the camp but they were not ready to go there. At least at 2 am they returned unsuccessful.

In the Army Camp Indian beasts fulfilled their lust with girls till 3:50 am. Tears of both girls have been dried up, open eyes were watching in the space. At that time a dog in uniform realized that bodies of both girls have been already paralyzed but now there eyelashes have also stopped. Nilofer and Aasia were martyred due to severe sexual torture. Or perhaps due to shame their souls have left their bodies. Now Indians got worried that how should they hide the bodies of these girls. Some were of the view that like before they should buried while camp incharge was not ready to take that risk. At least they threw the bodies on bank of a stream. But in their lust and beastfulness they forgot that the cloth which has been pushed into the girls mouths had sign of Army Unit.

Next day when the dead bodies of Nilofer and Aasia were discovered whole village drowned into sorrow. Like the fire of jungle the news spread in the whole occupied Kashmir. Protests were started but it became more severe when a reporter of SANA news published the report of torture and gang rape with Nilofer and Aasia with reference to an eyewitness. Although the name of eyewitness was not published but Indian soldiers have known that which soldier has not only stopped them from such barbaric act but has also gone on leave. The soldier “Gorakh Mukh” was murdered by unknown person in his village “Raj Pur Kotla” in Eastern Punjab on the 2nd day of publishing of this report. But the story of murder of two innocent girls through gang rape has been published. You cannot find such example of torture and violence in history. Where are those supporters of “Raam Ki Aasha”, why they have not given importance (equivalent to the news of actress of Bollywood) to such a cruel act of gang rape and murder of innocents? And then they wish that 18 billion Pakistanis becomes slave to India just for their wish? They (Pakistanis) should sing songs of Indian secularism so that India can get seat in UNO? Till then “Aman Ki Aasha” has not got ripened that Indians murdered their wishes who speak “Bharat Ki Bhasha” by not purchasing Pakistani cricketers in IPL. This is not just a slap on the mouth of Pakistani Cricketers who go every year to India to earn money but also lesson pro-Indian liberal sects of Pakistani society.


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