Friday, March 30, 2012

COAS witnesses Army Air Defence units activities

Rawalpindi—Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani visited Muzaffargarh Ranges, Thursday, to witness ongoing training activities of Army Air Defence units.

The day’s activities involved live firing of several air defence weapons on the inventory of Pakistan Army. These included short range Surface to Air Missiles, shoulder fired weapons and Anti Aircraft guns. COAS appreciated the standards displayed by the weapon crews of various units of Army Air Defence.

He emphasized the importance of air defence in today’s warfare and the need to remain abreast with modern requirements as regards up-gradation of equipment, as well as training, to defeat a wide threat spectrum. —INP

Gen Dempsey for rebuilding trust with Pak forces

Washington—US Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Wednesday said he is pleased that U.S. and Pakistani military leaders have met to discuss mutual concerns. “We want to rebuild the trust and confidence between our two militaries,” the general said.

Gen. James N. Mattis, commander of U.S. Central Command, and Gen. John R. Allen, commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, met with Pakistani army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in Islamabad.

It was the highest level-military meeting between the United States and Pakistan since a Nov. 26, 2011, incident that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers along the Afghan border.

Following the incident, Pakistan closed the ground supply lines that ran from Karachi up into Afghanistan, forcing coalition forces to rely on a northern supply route.

Dempsey told reporters traveling with him in South America that he has spoken with Kayani at least five times since the border incident. The Pakistanis, he said, want to reset the military-to-military relationship with the United States

This includes working the border issues with the Pakistanis and reopening the ground supply lines through Pakistan to Afghanistan, Dempsey said. He added that he believes the two militaries can discuss what must be done in Pakistan’s federally administered tribal areas to improve the situation in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Groups have taken root in the tribal areas that pose a threat to the national government and to neighboring Afghanistan, the chairman explained. Pakistan has sent troops into the region to take on these groups and to establish the government’s control of its sovereign territory.

Many officials believe the Pakistani military is doing about as much as it can. U.S. defense officials have been quick to point out that Pakistan has lost thousands of service members and thousands of citizens to the scourge of terrorism. “No one doubts the sacrifice or will of the Pakistanis – just the means they have,” one official said.

Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said the focus of the meeting was to discuss the U.S.-Pakistani military relationship.

Little did not discuss details of Wednesday’s meetings, but said officials are hopeful that the ground supply routes will re-open soon. “They are important to our effort in Afghanistan,” he said.

Border coordination is much improved since the late-November incident, Little said. The Pakistani parliament is reviewing military relations with the United States, he added, and U.S. officials are open to dialogue. “We believe strongly that the relationship with Pakistan is very important, and this meeting is a reflection of our commitment to the relationship,” he said.—AP

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nato supply resumption gets on fast track

RAWALPINDI - In a vital step towards Nato supplies resumption, two top allied commanders held a crucial meeting with Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in the first formal Pak-US military contact at the top level after last year’s Salala incident.
General Kayani’s joint meeting with US Central Command (Centcom) Chief General James Mattis and International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) commander in Afghanistan General John Allen was apparently held on the pretext of discussing ‘inquiry’ into the Nov 26 attack and improving border coordination procedures. The development was however reported to have largely been in sequel to the purported Pak-US strategic understandings arrived at on the sidelines of Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) that concluded in Seoul on Tuesday.
Reportedly, the meeting also witnessed discussions on the resurgence of drone strikes in Pakistan’s north-western tribal belt with new strategy to be devised to this effect, in addition to taking up the debated recommendations of Pakistan’s Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) vis-à-vis future terms of strategic engagement with the United States.
“It is the first high level meeting after Salala incident and will focus on the inquiry into the incident and improvements in border coordination procedures,” Pakistan Army’s mouthpiece Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said.
Isaf’s Military Spokesperson in Afghanistan Brigadier General Carsten Jacobson said the meeting was ‘crucially vital’ but refused to share any further details. “We may issue a media statement for you to get hold of (the matter),” he told this newspaper.
The Wednesday’s joint meeting between the top military commanders is reported to be part of Pakistan’s two-pronged strategy that envisages diplomatic and government-level deliberations followed by military-to-military contacts. The top government functionaries and diplomatic officials of both the states have previously held extensive negotiations to chalk out future terms of strategic engagement once Pakistani parliament’s decision in the aftermath of PCNS recommendations is arrived.
Reportedly, Pakistan’s military conveyed to the US that resumption of Nato supplies was linked to the unconditional apology from US over Nov 26 attack in Mohmand Agency at Salala that saw martyrdom of 24 Pakistani soldiers. Till last month, an off-the-record apology from Washington was on the cards but following rounds of extensive deliberations, Pakistan’s military, diplomatic and political leaderships are reported to have unanimously conveyed to Washington that nothing short of an official and unconditional apology would be acceptable considering the enormous public ‘rage’ and reaction in Pakistan on the cross-border attack.
A major breakthrough to this effect was reportedly arrived at in Seoul following purported confirmations by the US officials that Washington would apologise over Salala incident after Pakistani parliament formally demanded the same.
In addition, fresh agreement on drone strikes by means of ‘enhanced coordination’ also stands in the pipeline the modalities of which were discussed in Wednesday’s meeting. Pakistan seeks restricted US drones in Pakistan’s tribal areas with prior intelligence sharing and coordination. Pakistan’s military supports taking on the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants that have waged a war on the country’s security forces, through drone hits, according to informed officials.
The enhanced coordination would also allow Pakistani security agencies to identify the ‘unwanted’ militant groups in its borderlands to be taken out by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-led drone campaign in addition to targeting the militants that are battling allied forces in Afghanistan.
Moreover, resuming active military cooperation from the platform of Border Coordination Committee (BCC) at Pak-Afghan western border was also agreed upon during commanders meeting. The BCC set up through a tripartite agreement, monitors the working of Border Coordination Centres in the aforesaid region and is jointly managed by Pakistan Army, Isaf and Afghan National Army (ANA). The cross-border cooperation was completely disrupted after November attack and partially resumed earlier in February.
On February 8, the commanders from Isaf, ANA and Pakistan Army had showed up for BCC meeting in Torkham but the top military leaderships of the three forces did not participate in the event. Military Operations Director General Maj-Gen Ashfaq Nadeem had represented Pakistan then.
The regularised military cooperation between the three forces is likely following coming into effect the new terms of engagement that seek the Pakistani parliament’s formal nod before being taken up with Washington.
Pakistan also seeks assurances that incidents like Salala attack and cross-border incursions into Pakistani areas by Afghan militants would not be repeated. In return, Pakistan would be obligated to give adequate guarantees that its land would not be used for waging attacks against allied forces.
“The two US generals separately met army chief General Ashfaq Kayani and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Khalid Shameem Wynne,” in Rawalpindi, a senior Pakistani security official told AFP. He said “Pakistani army chief and US generals talked in detail about their respective positions on the air strikes last November and subsequent developments and discussed ways to improve border coordination procedures.”
The official said that the inquiry conducted into the incident also came under discussion, but did not give further details.
The two generals “discussed matters of bilateral and professional interests and the emerging geo-strategic situation”, during their meeting with General Wynne, the military said in a statement.
Pakistan vehemently rejected a NATO investigation that blamed the November attacks on mistakes made by both sides, insisting it had not been at fault.
Monitoring Desk adds: Senior US officers met with their Pakistani counterparts in Islamabad, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said. “The focus of the meeting was to discuss the US-Pakistani military relationship,” he said.
This is the first such meeting in Pakistan since late last year, although military leaders from both sides have maintained other contact, Little noted.
Little did not discuss details of Wednesday’s meeting, but said officials are hopeful that the ground supply routes will reopen soon. “They are important to our effort in Afghanistan,” he said.
Border coordination is much improved since the late-November incident, Little said. The Pakistani parliament is reviewing military relations with the United States, he added, and US officials are open to dialogue. “We believe strongly that the relationship with Pakistan is very important, and [this meeting is] a reflection of our commitment to the relationship,” he said.
A spokesman for the US Embassy in Islamabad said the meetings continued late Wednesday.
Pakistan military spokesman Gen. Athar Abbas declined to say whether the meeting Wednesday would result in the reopening of the supply routes. A Pakistan army statement said the meeting would focus on an inquiry into the November incident and how to improve border coordination.
According to Iran’s Press TV, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has rejected Washington’s claim that the US-led NATO airstrikes on November 26 were justified as self-defence. “In meetings with the US commanders, Kayani made it clear that the attack on the Pakistani security forces was the violation of country’s integrity and sovereignty,” a senior Pakistani military official told Press TV, on condition of anonymity.

ANP demands Army deployment

KARACHI - ANP Sindh president Senator Shahi Syed on Tuesday condemned the killing of MQM sector member and expressed his condolence to MQM leadership.
Criticising worst violence erupted in the metropolis after the killing of MQM member, he demanded deployment of Pakistan Army in Karachi to maintain the law and order situation. He said the law enforcement agencies had failed to protect the lives of common people. He urged the Karachiites to adopt their own security system, saying that LEAs are not able to protect the citizens.
Senator Shahi Syed demanded the Supreme Court to take immediate suo moto notice of the worst violence. “There is jungle rule witnessed in the metropolis after the killing of MQM sector member.” Shahi demanded indiscriminate action against the terrorists saying that all the political and religious forces should support the LEAs in holding indiscriminate action against the terrorists for the sake of city’s peace.

Quetta Corps wins Army Boxing Championship

Multan—Corps Commander Multan Lt Gen Shafqaat Ahmed said on Wednesday that Pakistan army had significant role in promotion of sports in the country.

While addressing a prize distribution ceremony of Pakistan Army Boxing Championship 2012 at Multan Garrison, the Corps Commander Lt General Shafqaat Ahmed said Boxing was part of training of Pakistan Army. He said Pakistan army feel pride in its efforts for promotion of sports in the country. He said participation of army players in national teams of different sports is proof of its professional approach.

He also urged the sponsors to play their effective role in promoting different sports as their role is also of vital importance for uplift of sports activities.

In Pakistan Army Boxing Championship 2012, as many as 169 players from different nine teams participated in the event. According to results, Quetta Corps remained at top with 19 points and picked up trophy. Similarly, Gujranwala Corps and Rawalpindi Corps remained second and third respectively.

The fourth and fifth position went to Multan Corps and Karachi Corps respectively.

The prize of best Bout was received by Sajjad from Multan Corps. Similarly, Faisal Karim from Gujranwala Corps was declared best boxer.—APP

Indian Army General's Letter to his Government Exposed their Military Weaknesses

India's tank fleet lacks ammunition, its air defences are "97 percent obsolete" and its elite forces lack essential arms, the country's army chief wrote in an explosive letter. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

NEW DELHI: India’s tank fleet lacks ammunition, its air defences are “97 percent obsolete” and its elite forces lack essential arms, the country’s army chief wrote in an explosive letter leaked Wednesday.

The letter to the prime minister dated March 12 – widely reported by the Indian media – lists the shortcomings of the armed forces in embarrassing detail in a blow to the government and the Asian giant’s military prestige.

Its publication also ups the stakes in a public battle between army chief General VK Singh and the government which began with a dispute over Singh’s retirement earlier this year.

“The state of the major (fighting) arms i.e. mechanised forces, artillery, air defence, infantry and special forces, as well as the engineers and signals, is indeed alarming,” Singh wrote in the letter, DNA newspaper reported.

The army’s entire tank fleet is “devoid of critical ammunition to defeat enemy tanks”, while the air defence system is “97% obsolete and it doesn’t give the deemed confidence to protect… from the air,” he wrote, according to DNA.

The infantry is crippled with “deficiencies” and lacks night fighting equipment, while the elite special forces are “woefully short” of “essential weapons”.

Singh also told The Hindu newspaper this week that he had informed Defence Minister A.K Antony of a $2.8 million bribe offered to him in 2010, leading to embarrassing questions as to why the government did not order an enquiry.

Antony told parliament on Wednesday that he was aware of the letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and he would reply appropriately.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blasting the Cult of Hizb-ut-Tahrir

Have you ever wondered how organizations such as Hizb ut-Tahrir operate?

Their activities are shrouded in secrecy and our all-powerful agencies say that they have had little success in dismantling the network. While agencies might be doing their best, it looks like they have not penetrated the actual methods of communications between the leaders, activists and low ranking associates of the group.

The history of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s activities in Pakistan is relatively new. The UK based group surfaced in different varsities of Pakistan right after Musharraf agreed to join the war against terrorism. They targeted educated young Pakistanis in different colleges and universities and their method of attack was new and quite successful.

First encounter with Hizb ut-Tahrir

During the summer of 2001, I received a call from a friend of mine on my cell phone. These were the days when calls on cell phones were not cheap so it was pretty obvious that the matter was urgent. He said he wanted me to go to a function. I was told that ‘they’ had arranged for 200 people but only a few people turned up and now they desperately needed an audience.

My friend asked me to bring as many people as I could. He promised me that he would pay for their cab fares as well. I was hesitant about recommending something I had not experienced, so I went alone.

To my utter surprise, the gathering was a protest arranged by Hizb ut-Tahrir Islamabad Chapter to protest the American attack on Afghanistan. Being just 16-years-old and fed with what I had seen around me, I was eager to get the ‘real facts’ that the western media was keeping from us.

Before the commencement of the actual event, we were asked to detour to G-9 Markaz (commonly known as Karachi Company) to persuade people to come to the protest. As I was new to all this, I clung to my friend who along with other activists went to the main wagon stop and asked people to join them and listen to the real facts behind the attack on Afghanistan and plans of kafirs about Pakistan in particular, and Muslim ummah in general.

While most of the elders we approached looked unimpressed by the empty rhetoric, teenagers like me were greatly amused. Some people seemed to shy away until they were told that there was a lavish meal with qorma and biryani after the event. The lucrative offer attracted many people and we managed to convince at least 80 people to come to the protest with us.

During the protest, I interacted with students who were from different colleges and universities of Islamabad. Surprisingly, most of them were brought by their friends under the pretext of some function where attendees didn’t show up or where food was going to be served. The most astonishing fact was that a few kids had been told that there was a fight between two rival gangs and their friends were in dire need of help. I didn’t understand why the group needed to lie to people to bring in an audience!

Don’t you want to know the ‘real’ facts?

The protest started with recitation from the Holy Quran. The verse quoted was a famous one from Surah Ahzaab that deals with the friendship with Jews and Christians. The speaker explained that Jews and Christians (he explicitly said ‘West and Western sponsored NGOs’ after that) were afraid of the ‘rise of Islam in Afghanistan and wanted to wipeout the caliphate from there and it has been mentioned in a Hadith as well.’

He went on to recite a Hadith about the rise of an Islamic Army from Khurasan and told us that Khurasaan is the old name of Afghanistan. He said that the youth need to stand up and there is a need for Hazrat Mauz (RA) and Maaz (RA) to cater to the problem of Western imperialism.

There were three speeches with loads of what I now understand was liberal bashing; a speaker asked those present to take an oath that they will stand up to defend Islam. We were told that American agents are like the munafiqeen of Medina and they pronounced the decrees on the basis of hypocrisy. My mind was confused but I was excited. I really wanted to know about the ‘real history’ of events and verses that speakers were quoting (or misquoting) and interpreting (or misinterpreting).

The speakers said that Islam and Pakistan were in danger and that USA will destroy our nuclear bomb because they are afraid of the power of the caliphate. According to the men Islamic territories in Spain, Armenia, Russia and in other countries of Eastern Europe could be reclaimed if we just united on a one-point agenda of caliphate and supported the caliphate in Afghanistan.

Questioning the teacher

The next day I was in my college library going through several books of Islamic History and translations of the Holy Quran. I wrote a list of questions on a piece of paper and called my friend who told me that there was a dars at the residence of the mentor of Hizb ut-Tahrir in I-10/2.

We went there later in the evening. The dars included the usual stuff: mostly anti-America rhetoric, although notably the speaker didn’t mention the word Taliban or Taliban ideology. At the end of the dars, I raised my hand to ask the speaker about the questions that were in my mind.

Honestly, I had a blast.

After answering a few of my queries however, the speaker stopped me from asking further questions and quoted a hadith that said that there is a thin line between Islam and Kufar. I immediately knew that he was about to declare me Kafir. I didn’t lose hope, I attended many other sessions and tried to expunge my doubts, but to no avail.

My last experience with the Hizb ut-Tahrir was in the aftermath of the earthquake in 2005. During the usual dars and Caliphate rhetoric (that I was not satisfied with) the speaker said that the earthquake was occurred because we are not doing enough to bring shariah in Pakistan. I wanted to ask which Shariah? There are so many versions and everyone knows that.

It didn’t continue for long, I was already detached and unconvinced from the misinterpretation of Quran and Hadith and misuse of different verses of Quran in the pamphlets that HuT distributed after every Friday prayers outside mosques. This usually happened in Sector I-10, the whole operation of distribution of pamphlets and arrangements of lectures was done by a man who was working at a government department.

Cutting ties with Hizb ut-Tahrir

I still remember the day when I ceased all contact with everyone who was associated with HuT. It was the day they termed suicide bombings as a justifiable response to the situation by saying an eye for an eye.

The statement was just between people close to the patron of HuT I-10 and it was not said openly.

I had always suppressed my thoughts about my first encounter with Hizb ut-Tahrir.

I was unable to understand why they lied to people and told them about the lavish dinner after the meeting?

Why didn’t they offer some realistic plans about issues like electricity, gas and so many others?

Their answer to every question is Muslims should bring Caliphate and everything will be fine!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

US's Blatant Denial over Salala Incident Their Mistake

Official says US military not planning to discipline any of its forces over the November 26 Nato attack.

WASHINGTON: The US military is not planning to discipline any of its forces over a cross-border skirmish last year that left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead and plunged Washington-Islamabad ties to their lowest point in years, a US military official said on Saturday.

A US military investigation last year had already exonerated American troops operating in Afghanistan from inappropriate use of force against the Pakistani forces – even as the US military acknowledged some of the blame in the incident.

That concocted investigation concluded that American troops, given what information they had available to them at the time, acted in self-defense and with appropriate force after being fired on by the Pakistanis just across the border.

The US military official, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity, did not offer further details about the subsequent decision not to discipline US forces.

Pakistan shut off ground supply lines to the US-led Nato mission in Afghanistan on November 26 over the incident.

The United States expressed regret for the loss of life, but the US military investigation blamed Pakistani soldiers for firing first at Natoforces as they prepared for a mission in the remote corner of eastern Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s military roundly rejected the US findings, saying that apportioning any blame on Pakistani forces was “unjustified and unacceptable”.

The deliberate provocation from US against Pakistan Army is the representation of their ill will against our Army who is the most proficient organized body of Pakistan.

Pakistan Want Peace Wallpaper

Place it as your cover photo on FaceBook and show the world, we want peace not war.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pakistani Troops Awarded UN Medal in Congo

Pak Army troops serving in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were awarded UN medals in an impressive medal parade ceremony held in Bukavu on 23 March 2012. Force Commander, MONUSCO Lieutenant General Parkash was the Chief Guest on the occasion. He along with other dignitaries awarded UN medals to the officers and troops of Pakistan Contingent VII.
While congratulating the Pakistani troops on the successful completion of their tenure, the chief guest lauded the efforts and sacrifices of Pakistan Army Personnel for restoration of peace and stability in this region. He appreciated the discipline and professionalism shown by this contingent during their tenure of duty in South Kivu.
Earlier, a spectacular medal parade was witnessed by honorable guests which included Acting Governor of the South Kivu, Mr Etienne Babunga, Contingent Commanders, Senior Military Personnel of Congolese Army / Police, UN Officials and other notables of the province. The Infantry Battalions drill was greatly appreciated by the audience. Parade also included Commando platoon unarmed combat performance, helicopter repelling, army band performance and motorized column march past. These events proved to be icing on the cake as the audience cheered and applauded at the magnificent performance of Pakistani troops. The event ended with a group photo of all the participants of the parade with the chief guest.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pakistan Military Awards 2012

Rawalpindi - March 22, 2012: 
The President of Pakistan has been pleased to grant the Military awards to the following officers and men of Pakistan Armed Forces.
Sitara-i-Jurat, Major Mujahid Ali (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment.
Following officers and men have been conferred Sitara-i-Basalat, Major General Muhammad Nawaz (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Major Zia Ul Haque (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Captain Abdul Qadir Khan (Shaheed), Air Defence, Captain Abid Naveed (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Captain Ali Aslam Ranjha, Armoured Corps, Subedar Munawar Hussain (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lance Naik Abdul Qadeer (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Sepoy Azhar Hussain (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Squadron Leader Ch M Shabbir Ishtiaq (Late), PAF, Squadron Leader Muhammad Hussain (Late), PAF, Squadron Leader Masood Hussain (Late), PAF.
Following officers and men have been awarded Tamgha-i-Basalat, Colonel Arif Mehmood Alam (Shaheed), Engineers, Lieutenant Colonel Sheraz Ali Khan (Shaheed), Artillery, Major Aamir Khan Khalil, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Major Tanveer Ahmed, Sind Regiment, Major Khawer Mubeen Khattak, Punjab Regiment , Captain Abdul Salam (Shaheed), Signals, Captain Khizar Mehmood (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Captain Ali Mahmood Khan (Shaheed) , Special Services Group, Captain Muhammad Usman Ali (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Captain Ejaz Mohsin, Special Services Group, Lieutenant Muhammad Saad Ali, Sind Regiment, Lieutenant Mutahir Younas, Armoured Corps, Subedar Sarfraz Khan, Frontier Force Regiment, Naib Subedar Zafar Abbas Shah (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Naib Subedar Muhammad Aslam (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Naib Subedar Shafiq Ur Rehman (Shaheed), Frontier Corps KPK , Havildar Asad Nazir (Shaheed), Baloch Regiment, Havildar Muhammad Yaqoob (Shaheed),  Engineers, Havildar Feyyaz Ahmed (Shaheed), Engineers, Havildar Muhammad Asif (Shaheed), Engineers, Havildar Kalim Ahmed Shah (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Havildar Hazrat Ali (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Havildar Bakht Zamin Khan (Shaheed),  Frontier Force Regiment, Havildar Mazhar Iqbal (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Havildar Musa Khan, Sind Regiment, Havildar Gulzar Ahmed (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Havildar Maqsood Ahmed (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Havildar Manzoor Hussain (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Havildar Muhammad Javed Ahmed (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Havildar Mumtaz Hussain (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Havildar Muhammad Aslam (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Havildar Gul Muhammad Malik (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Havildar Muhammad Atta Ullah (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Havildar Muhammad Naveed (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Havildar Mumtaz Hussain (Shaheed), Pakistan Rangers (Sind), Lance Havildar Falak Sher (Shaheed), Engineers , Naik Nazabid Hussain (Shaheed), Engineers , Naik Akhtar Nawaz (Shaheed), Engineers , Naik Ghulam Mustafa (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Naik Abideen  (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Naik Afzal Iqbal (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Naik Mansaf Khan (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Naik Ummar Akram (Shaheed), Baloch Regiment, Naik Nazakat Ali, Special Services Group, Naik Muhammad Shakeel Khan (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Naik Muhammad Ramzan (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Naik Shakil Ahmad (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Naik Muhammad Arshad (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Naik Muhammad Ramzan (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lance Naik Irfan Ullah (Shaheed), Frontier Corps KPK, Lance Naik Shana Gul (Shaheed), Frontier Corps KPK, Lance Naik Saadat Khan, Frontier Corps KPK, Lance Naik Gul Dali Khan (Shaheed), Frontier Corps KPK, Lance Naik Ehsan Ullah (Shaheed), Punjab Regiment, Lance Naik Tariq Mehmood (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Lance Naik Muhammad Rafiq Tabbusum (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Lance Naik Muhammad Riaz (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Lance Naik Khatab Noor (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Lance Naik Muhammad Mushtaq (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lance Naik Tariq Maqsood (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lance Naik Abdul Aziz (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Lance Naik Ghulam Raza (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lance Naik Nursing Shoukat Ali (Shaheed), Pakistan Rangers (Sind), Sepoy Muhammad Ali (Shaheed), Frontier Corps KPK, Sepoy Shafi Ullah (Shaheed), Frontier Corps KPK, Sepoy Amjad Ali (Shaheed), Frontier Corps KPK, Sepoy Pir Zada (Shaheed), Frontier Corps KPK, Sepoy Mohassan Ali (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Sepoy Ratas Khan (Shaheed), Engineers , Sepoy Rafi Ullah Khan (Shaheed), Engineers , Sepoy Sher Nawaz (Shaheed), Engineers, Sepoy Naeem Abbas (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Sepoy Maqsood Ahmed (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Sepoy Muhammad Wajid (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Waseem (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Asal Jan (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Ayaz Khan, Special Services Group, Sepoy Nasir Ihsan (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Sepoy Jawad Ali (Shaheed), Special Services Group , Sepoy Syed Jaffar Hussain Shah (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Sepoy Faisal Mehmood (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Shahbaz Akhtar (Shaheed), Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Mujahid Hussain (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Sepoy Muhammad Ismail (Shaheed), Sind Regiment, Sepoy Mehboob Ur Rehman (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Sepoy Muhammad Ali Moavyia (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Sepoy Muhammad Kashif (Shaheed), Baloch Regiment, Sepoy Aamer Fayyaz (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Hameed Anwar (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Israr Ahmed (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Karamat Ullah (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Tahir (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Tanveer Hussain (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Ibrahim (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Imran Yousaf (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Azhar Abbas (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Amjad Khurshid (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Nasir Hussain (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Syed Mustahsun Abbas Baquri (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Ghulam Abbas (Shaheed), Special Services Group, Sepoy Manzoor Hussain (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Ghulam Abbas (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Najeeb Ullah (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Yasir (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Yaseen (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Mehar Ban (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Waseem Khan (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Aamir Naseer (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Tahir Iqbal (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Naeem Akhtar (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Shahid Mehmood Bukhari (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Rizwan Abbas (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Ikram Nawaz (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Abdur Razzaq (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Shabbar Hassan (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Ali Raza (Shaheed), Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Khalil Ahmed (Shaheed), Pakistan Rangers (Sind), Sepoy Muhammad Nawaz (Shaheed), Pakistan Rangers (Sind) , Sepoy Muhammad Faheem Akhtar (Shaheed), Pakistan Rangers (Sind), Sepoy Muhammad Akhtar (Shaheed), Pakistan Rangers (Sind). Captain Azhar Naeem, Pakistan Navy, Commander Mohammad Shehzad, Pakistan Navy, Lieutenant Commander Aijaz Ahmed, Pakistan Navy, Lieutenant Farrukh Naveed, Pakistan Navy, Lieutenant Abdullah Gulzar, Pakistan Navy, Lieutenant Bilal Hasan, Pakistan Navy, Chief Medical Artificer Muhammad Ali, Pakistan Navy, Clearance Diver Artificer Muhammad Khalid Pervaz, Pakistan Navy, Leaving Marine Nazar Badshah, Pakistan Navy, Missile Gun Artificer (Gunnery) Muhammad Anwar Hameed, Pakistan Navy, Wing Commander Muhammad Asim Paracha (Late).
Following officers and men have been awarded Imtiazi Sanad, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Asif Hussain, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Rizawan Ahmed Awan, Corps of Military Intelligence , Lieutenant Colonel Ch Azhar Munir, Punjab Regiment, Major Khush Amadin, Northern Light Infantry, Major Ihteram Ahmed, T Bt, Special Services Group, Major Muhammad Farooq, Aviation , Major Mohammad Ali Raj, Aviation, Captain Hassan Ali, Frontier Force Regiment, Captain Muhammad Ammar Ali Khan, Air Defence, Captain Yasir Abbas, Army Medical Corps, Lieutenant Atif Bashir, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lieutenant Baqar Hayat, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Muhammad Mehmood Ahmed, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lieutenant Baqar Hasan, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Kashif Aziz, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Subedar Muhammad Riaz Khan, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Subedar Nazar Hussain, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Naib Subedar Iqbal Hussain, Punjab Regiment, Naib Subedar Muhammad Iqbal, Punjab Regiment, Havildar Ameer Zeb, Frontier Corps KPK, Havildar Mehmood Hussain, Sind Regiment, Havildar Muhammad Shahid, Air Defence, Havildar Sheraz Ahmed, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Havildar Muhammad Azam, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Havildar Muhammad Ismail, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lance Havildar Imtiaz Ali, Engineers , Naik Muhammad Haleem Khan, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Nursing Assistant Lance Naik Muhammad Hussain, Frontier Corps KPK, Lance Naik Ali Hussain, Special Services Group, Lance Naik Muhammad Hanif, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Lance Naik Abdul Qayoom, Special Services Group , Lance Daffadar Rozi Rehman, Armoured Corps, Sawar Aamir Ali, Armoured Corps, Sawar Niaz Muhammad, Armoured Corps, Sepoy Rao Muhammad Amjad , Special Services Group, Sepoy Akhtar Zamin, Frontier Corps KPK, Sepoy Arshad Mehmood , Special Services Group, Sepoy Muhammad Ibrahim, Northern Light Infantry, Sepoy Naheem Hussain Shah, Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Khan Ali, Frontier Force Regiment, Sepoy Sher Khan, Sind Regiment, Sepoy Javed Akhtar, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Muhammad Afzal, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Masood Ahmed, Special Services Group , Sepoy Aamir Shahzad, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Sepoy Ansar Jaweed, Azad Kashmir Regiment,
Following officers have been awarded Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Military), Major General Khalid Asghar, Engineers, Major General Shaukat Iqbal, Artillery, Major General Muhammad Saad Khattak, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Major General Sajjad Ali Khan, Frontier Force Regiment, Major General Khalid Mahmood, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Major General Mazhar Jamil, Artillery, Major General Faiz Mohammad Khan Bangash, Ordinance, Major General Muhammad Zahid Latif Mirza, Air Defence, Major General Abid Hasan, Baloch Regiment, Major General Ikram Ul Haq, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Major General Nasrullah Tahir Dogar, Frontier Force Regiment, Major General Allah Ditta Khan, Artillery, Major General Asif Ali Khan, Army Medical Corps. Rear Admiral Shafqat Jawed, Navy, Rear Admiral Sayyid Khawar Ali , Navy, Air Vice Marshal Azhar Hasan, PAF, Air Vice Marshal Asif Raza, PAF.
Following officers have been awarded Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military), Brigadier Abdul Ghafoor, Brigadier Afzal Malik, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps, Brigadier Khalid Mahmood Shad, RV&FC, Brigadier Muhammad Hanif Khan, Sind Regiment, Brigadier Muhammad Azam Agha, Armoured Corps, Brigadier Anis Ahmed, Air Defence, Brigadier Syed Khurshid Ahmed Zaffar Zaidi, Signals, Brigadier Muhammad Tariq Khan, Frontier Force Regiment , Brigadier Manzur Qadar, Artillery, Brigadier Muhammad Tahir, Azad Kashmir Regiment, Brigadier Muhammad Arshad, Army Supply Corps, Brigadier Muhammad Zahid, Air Defence , Brigadier Ahmad Nawaz, Baloch Regiment, Brigadier Amjad Ali Jan, Engineers, Brigadier Javed Akhtar Malik, Frontier Force Regiment, Brigadier Dildar Ahmed Khan Bangash, Ordinance, Brigadier Syed Mohsan Shah, Signals, Brigadier Rauf Ahmed Khalid, Army Supply Corps, Brigadier Azhar Yousuf, Army Supply Corps, Brigadier Shahid Zaman Khan, Baloch Regiment, Brigadier Ihsan Ul Haq, Frontier Force Regiment, Brigadier Ishaq Ahmad, Corps of Military Intelligence , Brigadier Iqtidar Naseer Ahmed, Punjab Regiment, Brigadier Ahmad Farrukh, Armoured Corps, Brigadier Nadeem Ul Haque Hashmi, Signals, Brigadier Muhammad Tariq Bashir, Ordinance, Brigadier Sayed Nadeem -ul- Ahsan Tirmizi, Punjab Regiment, Brigadier Sikandar Khan, Artillery, Brigadier Abid Mahmud, Engineers, Brigadier Fazal -ur- Rehman Janjua, Sind Regiment, Brigadier Khalid Mahmood, Artillery, Brigadier Abdul Rahman Raza Khan, Armoured Corps, Brigadier Mirza Kamran Zia, Baloch Regiment, Brigadier Abdul Halim, Army Medical Corps, Brigadier Muhammad Farooq, Army Medical Corps, Colonel Muhammad Muzahir , Armoured Corps, Colonel Malik Muhammad Saleh Sohail, Artillery, Colonel Saadat Nawaz, Artillery, Colonel Muhammad Zaheer, Engineers, Colonel Sadaquat Liaquat, Signals, Colonel Sardar Khan, Punjab Regiment, Colonel Khalid Mahmood, Sind Regiment, Colonel Tauqir Ahmad, Frontier Force Regiment, Colonel Babar Mazhar Baig, Aviation, Colonel Choudhary Ishtiaq Sohail Warraich, Corps of Military Intelligence , Colonel Munir Ahmed, Army Supply Corps, Colonel Javed Mobin, Ordinance, Colonel Aqeel Ahmed, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps, Colonel Syed Azhar Ul Hassan Shah, Army Medical Corps , Colonel Irfan Shukr, Army Medical Corps. Commodore Shahid Habib , Navy, Commodore Altaf Habib, Navy, Commodore Imran Saeed, Navy, Commodore Ali Abbas, Navy, Commodore Asif Khaliq, Navy, Commodore Ayaz Ahmed Nasir, Navy, Commodore Arshad Mehmood Khan, Navy. Air Commodore Anis Ur Rehman, PAF, Air Commodore Nadeem Sherwani, PAF, Air Commodore Azhar Hasan Rizvi, PAF, Air Commodore Akmal Hussain, PAF, Air Commodore Abdul Hayee, PAF, Group Captain Jahangir Khan, PAF, Group Captain Shahid Baqar, PAF, Group Captain Muhammad Amir Malik, PAF, Group Captain Irfan Ahmed, PAF, Group Captain Quaid Johar, PAF, Group Captain Asim Anwar, PAF, Group Captain Arshad Raza Abbasi, Group Captain Shabbir Ahmed, PAF.
 Following officers have been awarded Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (Military), Lieutenant Colonel Ali Hassan, AC, Lieutenant Colonel Musa Raza, AC, Lieutenant Colonel Mazhar Alam Tahir Kheli, AC, Lieutenant Colonel Subbah Sadiq Bhatti, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Tahir Mustafa, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Nasir Iqbal, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Shahbaz Hussan, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Javed Iqbal, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Sajad Humayun Latif, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Asad Bin Tayyab Syed, Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Naveed Noor, AD, Lieutenant Colonel Qazi Saif Ullah, AD, Lieutenant Colonel Ijaz Muhammad,  Engineers, Lieutenant Colonel Mirza Muhammad Aslam, Engineers, Lieutenant Colonel Shaheryar Khan, Engineers, Lieutenant Colonel Ishtiaq Ahmad, Signals , Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Munir, Signals, Lieutenant Colonel Ch Iftikhar Ali, Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Saeed Anwar, Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Tanveer Ahmad Sandhu, Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Tariq Hanif, Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Laique Afzal, Baloch, Lieutenant Colonel Jamil Ahmed Tashfeen, T Bt, Baloch, Lieutenant Colonel Waseem Ur Rehman, Baloch, Lieutenant Colonel Amer Ajmal, Baloch, Lieutenant Colonel Babar Mahmood, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Atif Munir, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Asif Iqbal Zaidi, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Imtiaz Ahmed, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Salahuddin Tariq, Frontier Force Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Abrar, AK, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Imran Faizi, AK, Lieutenant Colonel Mansoor Ashraf, Sind, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Nadeem Sadiq, Sind, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Ashraf Kamal, Sind , Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Anwar, Northern Light Infantry, Lieutenant Colonel Tanveer Ul Islam, Avn, Lieutenant Colonel Qaiser Nadeem Yaqub, Avn, Lieutenant Colonel Sultan Muqarrab Khan, Corps Of Military Intelligence , Lieutenant Colonel Zafar Iqbal, Corps of Military Intelligence , Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Rizwan Aslam, Army Supply Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Zia-Ul- Haque, Army Supply Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Nasir Khan, Ord, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Ajmal Khan, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Tahir Ejaz, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Tariq Islam, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Khaliq Nasir, Army Education Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Asif Zahoor, RV&FC, Lieutenant Colonel Mrs Arjumand, Army Medical Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Mrs Najamussahar, Army Medical Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Khalid Rafique Bhatti, Army Medical Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Raheel Azhar Khan, Army Medical Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Qasim Butt, Army Medical Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Afsheen Iqbal, Army Medical Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Maqsood Ahmad Khan, Army Medical Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Miss Farhat Yasmin, AFNS, Maj Naseeb Khan, AC, Maj Shaukat Ali, Artillery , Maj Ahsan Ahmed, Artillery , Maj Raja Umer Younis, AD, Maj Asim Masood Hasan, Engineers, Maj Amir Ghafoor, Signals, Maj Iftikhar Ahmed, Punjab, Maj Abdul Qudus Khan, Punjab, Maj Shabir Hussain, Baloch, Maj Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Baloch, Maj Muhammad Younas, Frontier Force Regiment , Maj Muhammad Asim, Frontier Force Regiment , Maj Mahmood Ayub, Frontier Force Regiment, Maj Atiqur Rehman, AK, Maj Muhammad Sohail Iqbal, Sind, Maj Jamil Ahmed, Sind, Maj Muhammad Amir Butt, Northern Light Infantry, Maj Ovais Ahmad, Avn, Maj Azhar Nazir, Corps of Military Intelligence , Maj Syed Ahmed Shujah Shah, Army Supply Corps , Maj Imran Safdar, Ord, Maj Syed Irfan Ahmad, Electrical And Mechanical Engineers Corps, Maj Ishtiaq Ahmad, Army Medical Corps, Maj Mir Hassan Jamali, Army Medical Corps, Commander Hamid Shakeel, Navy, Commander Atif Ijaz Dar, Navy, Commander Dr Muhammad Junaid Khan Navy, Commander Syed Hashim Raza Rizvi, Navy, Commander Khalid Habib, Navy, Lt Commander Zahid Rauf , Navy, Lt Commander Syed Muhammad Khalid, Navy, Lt Commander Zeeshan Shaid, Navy, Lt Commander Rana Saeed Ahmed, Navy, Lt Commander Muzaffar Amin Shah, Navy, Wing Commander Kazim Hammad, PAF, Wing Commander Muhammad Akhtar, PAF, Wing Commander Zubair Hasan Khan, PAF, Wing Commander Arshad Mukhtar Khan , PAF, Wing Commander Adil Naveed, Wing Commander Amir Habib Ullah Maken, PAF, Wing Commander Raza Hasan Khan, PAF, Wing Commander Muhammad Mazhar Islam, PAF, Wing Commander Syed Muhammad Muddassar, PAF, Wing Commander Qaisar Abbas, PAF, Wing Commander Sameen Jacob, PAF, Wing Commander Ghulam Mustafa Khan Niazi, PAF.
Following officers and men have been awarded COAS Commendation Card, Col Ghulam Yasin Langraw, ARMY SUPPLY CORPS, Col Zaka Ullah, Army Medical Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Nadeem Anwar, GL, Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Pervez Raja, Corps of Military Intelligence , Lieutenant Colonel Rana Masood Ahmad Khan, Corps of Military Intelligence, Lieutenant Colonel Shahid Rashid, Corps of Military Intelligence , Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Arif, Corps of Military Intelligence, Lieutenant Colonel Raashid Naseer, Corps of Military Intelligence, Lieutenant Colonel Obaid Ullah Anwar, Northern Light Infantry , Lieutenant Colonel Arsalan Ahmed, Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Raja Azhar Ayub Kayani, Special Services Group, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Qasim Butt, Army Medical Corps, Lieutenant Colonel  Tahir Raja, (Retd), Avn , Maj Haroon Ur Rashid, Corps of Military Intelligence, Maj Fayyaz Sadiq, AK, Maj Khawer Rasheed, Avn , Maj Muhammad Tariq Khan, AK, Maj Syed Khalid Amin Shah, Corps of Military Intelligence, Maj Khawaja Kashif Saleem, Punjab , Maj Ahtesham Rashid Tarar, Corps of Military Intelligence, Maj Syed Faisal Mufti, Corps of Military Intelligence, Maj Muhammad Usman, Frontier Force Regiment, Maj Malik Liaqat Ali, Corps of Military Intelligence, Maj Toqeer Ahmad Khan, Corps of Military Intelligence, Maj Pervez Iqbal, Special Services Group, Maj Shehryar Farouq Lodhi, Northern Light Infantry , Maj Imran Khan, AC, Maj Salis Ahmad, Signals, Maj Atif Azad, Special Services Group, Maj Muhammad Ihsan Ullah, Special Services Group , Maj Adnan Habib Ahmad, Avn , Maj Sanaullah Khan, Avn , Maj Sajid Hussain Mehar, Avn , Maj Muhammad Shahid, Baloch, Maj Sultan Ali Khan, Northern Light Infantry, Maj Farukh Rahim, Corps of Military Intelligence, Maj Farhan Rasheed, Signals , Maj Teepu Khaliq Ur Rehman, Electrical And Mechanical Engineers Corps , Maj Abdul Aziz, Army Medical Corps, Maj Shafqat Ullah, Army Medical Corps, Maj M Uzair Ilyas Tahir Kheli, Army Medical Corps, Capt Shmayal Raza, Avn , Capt Mohsin Ali Malik, Avn , Capt Furqan Khalil, Avn , Capt Irfan Nazir Khan, Punjab, Capt Naveed Akbar Khan, AD , Capt Muhammad Awais, Avn , Capt Imran Khan, Corps of Military Intelligence, Capt Muhammad Rehan Ali, Avn , Capt Kamran Riaz, Avn , Capt Ahmad Zeb, Avn , Capt Khalil Ur Rehman, AK, Capt Khiyam Ayub, AC , Capt Babar Shahbaz, AC, Capt Hidayat Ullah Khan, Punjab, Capt Ghulam Murtaza, AD, Capt Atta Ul Mannan Hashmi, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps , Capt Maliha Zahid, ICTO, Capt Hamad Bin Muslim, Engineers , Capt Hasnain Alam Khan, Frontier Force Regiment, Capt Waqas Sarwar, AC, Capt Tayyab Sherjeel, Punjab, Capt Tanzeer Hussain, AC, Capt Sana Nasri, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps, Lt Sharaf Uddin, Baloch, Lt Nauman Yousaf Malik, AK, Lt Bilal Waheed Bangash, Baloch , 2/Lt Muhammad Barum Khan, Frontier Force Regiment, 2/Lt Salah Ud Din, AK, N/Sub Muhammad Ali, AK, N/Sub Zaheer Abbas, Special Services Group , N/Ris Wajid Ali, AC, N/Ris Amjad Ali, AC, Hav Sarfaraz Khan, Punjab, Hav Mir Wali, Northern Light Infantry, Hav Liaqat Ali, Frontier Force Regiment, Hav Muhammad Anwar, Frontier Force Regiment, Hav Ghulam Farid, Frontier Force Regiment, Hav Sultan Gul, Baloch, Hav Tanweer Shehzad, Special Services Group, Hav Qudrat Ullah, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps , Nk Safdar Ali, Engineers, Nk Muhammad Nazir, Baloch, Nk Muhammad Asghar, Engineers , Nk Shaukat Ali, Engineers , Nk Safar Khan, Northern Light Infantry, Nk Abdullah Baig, Special Services Group, Lance Naik Muhammad Nazir, Engineers , Lance Naik Niaz Hussain, Engineers , Lance Naik Fida Ullah, Special Services Group, Lance Naik Aurangzeb, Special Services Group, Lance Naik Muhammad Azam Baig, Frontier Force Regiment, Lance Naik Muhammad Salim, AD, Sep Naseer Ul Momineen, FC KPK, Sep Hashim Khan, Gilgit Baltistan Scouts, Sep Mir Nawaz (Junior), Gilgit Baltistan Scouts, Sep Muhammad Ashraf, FC KPK, Spr Aijaz Ali, Engineers , Spr Shabbir Hussain, Engineers, Sep Gulzar Hussain, Northern Light Infantry, Sep Shahid Zaman, Frontier Force Regiment, Sep Ajmal Khan,  Frontier Force Regiment, Sep Muhammad Akbar, AD , Sep Adnan Babar, AK , Sep Khush Rahim, AK.
Imtiazi Sanad for 550 Northern Area Safe Flying Hrs, Maj Fouad Farooq Khan, Maj Faisal Nadeem Hashmi
COAS Commendation Card for 200 Northern Area Safe Flying Hrs,  Lt Col Muhammad Farooq Ahmed Khan
COAS Commendation Card for 4500 Safe Flying Hrs, Col Nadeem Ahmed Kayani
COAS Commendation Card for 3500 Safe Flying Hrs Lt Col Mansoor Hussain, Lt Col Muhammad Alam Hashmi, Lt Col Hilal Rashid Hasnat
COAS Commendation Card for 2500 Safe Flying Hrs, Col Qaiser Zahoor, Lt Col Abid Aziz, Lt Col Shahid Sultan, Maj Faisal Nadeem Hashmi
Metalic Flt Safety Wing & COAS Commendation Card for 1500 Safe Flying Hrs, Maj Imran Rafiq, Maj Jawad Ahmed Sherazi, Maj Jawaid Siddiqi, Maj Mansoor Shahzad, Maj Shahzad Farooq, Maj Naveed Zaffar Abbasi, Maj Babar Rashid, Maj Mirza Sajid Baig, Maj Syed Muhammad Ansar Hussain, Maj Khalid Yaqub Awan, Maj Zaryab Gul Rao, Maj Maqbool Ellahi, Maj Shahzad Hassan, Maj Muhammad Kazim Nawaz Khan, Maj Shair Abbas
Following officers have been awarded Chief of General Staff Green Endorsement for 1000 Safe Flying Hrs, Maj Zaheer Ghani, Maj Ehsan Ul Haq Azeem, Maj Attique Ur Rehman, Maj Sajjad Hussain, Maj Qazi Imran Khan, Maj Imran Zafar , Maj Shahzad Ali Khan, Maj Muhammad Imran Khan, Maj Malik Haider Ali, Maj Shahzad Waseem Ali, Maj Usman Aftab, T Bt, Maj Taimur Nisar Khan, Maj Muhammad Rehan Khan, Maj Muhammad Farooq, Maj Muhammad Rehman, Maj Usman Nawaz Kayani, Maj Aurangzeb Alamgir Azmat, Maj Harris Hussain, Maj Mustafa Ahmed, Maj Muhammad Nabil Farhan Mahboobi, Maj Farhaj Ali, Maj Nadeem Raza, Maj Shahid Sultan Awan, Maj Adnan Khalid, Maj Jahanzeb Khan Niazi, Maj Ali Sarfraz Qureshi, Maj Rao Javed Iqbal, Maj Abdul Munim Khan, Capt Mohsin Ali Malik, Capt Jawad Hamid, Capt Muhammad Abdullah, Capt Muhammad Faisal, Capt Allah Noor.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Najam Sethi- A Sychophant of U.S.A

In the TFT editorial "ISI has taken over GHQ" Najam Sethi in his immense wisdom says, "intelligence services must consciously be kept at arms length from GHQ because field commanders must not get contaminated or tainted by cloak and dagger operations in grey zones". And then goes on to name a few DGs ISI who were either not given command and 'side lined' to other unimportant staff appointments or were retired prematurely.

The man doesn't have the basic idea of the postings and placement of senior army officers and blurts out what comes to his mind randomly. When he says that the Intelligence Generals must be kept away from the GHQ so that Field Commanders are not contaminated, does he know that there are no field commanders in the GHQ except the COAS, who commands the entire army.

All others at the GHQ are Staff Officers and Principal Staff Officers (PSOs), who do not even command the peons (Naib Qasids) of their offices. Field commanders are in the field and for his easy understanding they are the Corps Commanders, Divisional Commanders, Brigade Commanders down to Battalion and Company and Platoon commanders.

Again, if we go by his analogy of keeping the DG ISI (Senior most Intelligence Officer) away from the field, then could he tell us where did Lt Gen Nadeem Taj go after his being posted out from the ISI? Well, he was appointed Corps Commander Gujranwala and he did not contaminate the command in any way. Similarly, there could be many other examples of the ISI officers being posted to the army Field Appointments.

Trouble with such pseudo intellectuals (mostly anchor persons) is that they are the Misters 'Know It All' and can wield their pen on any subject under the sun and that too authoritatively. Only, what they don't know is their own profession, where the tuppence of a Suhafi persistently shoves the mic most rudely and arrogantly into the face of a dignitary much elder and superior in status and stature to him.

Laptop with India's sensitive nuclear data still not found


Islamabad: An Indian nuclear scientist’s laptop with classified nuclear data was stolen from a passenger rail car and is still missing raising serious alarm all over India.

According to a report the Indian nuclear researcher raised an alarm when his laptop, reportedly filled with critical data, was stolen on March 15, 2012 and remained missing till date.

India Blooms News Service reported that the scientist, who is reportedly involved with the Kaiga atomic power plant in Karnataka, demanded that train officials find his laptop and other stolen personal effects that included identifying documents. It is believed that the laptop contained secret nuclear codes and possibly the blue-print of Kairga Atomic Plant.

The report added that Thiruvananthapuram-bound train was stopped and several passengers were searched and interviewed but the laptop could not be found. Rajdhani Express was forced to have emergency

halt at Ratnagiri Station (Maharashtra) when a nuclear scientist’s laptop containing vital information was stolen.

According to latest reports despite emergency search raids conducted on train it did not turn up any clues as to what happened to the stolen laptop.

Law enforcement officials have opened an investigation into the matter and began detaining potential perpetrators.

The scientist who was not named for secrecy and classified works told Police that he had also lost very important credential papers. Indian railway officials have confirmed that a report has been lodged but other senior police officials were trying to hide the scandal-like incident and advised journalists not to overplay the issue.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Air Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt takes over Command of Pakistan Air Force

Islamabad - Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt took over the command of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) from Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, at a ceremony held at the Air Headquarters on Monday.
Outgoing air chief Rao Qamar Suleman handed over the ‘Command Sword’ to Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt.
Suleman pinned badges on the shoulders of Rafique, formally promoting him to the rank of the air chief. Both the outgoing and incoming air chiefs were presented separate guards of honour to formally mark the change of command.
The outgoing air chief, while delivering his farewell address, said he was handing over the command of one of the world’s best air forces to a worthy PAF officer.
He said there was no limit to professional excellence and expressed a need to march in tandem with the aviation technology to avoid lagging behind in professionalism.
Suleman said when he took over the command of PAF, he pledged to follow merit and had stressed upon integrity and honesty, professional excellence and teamwork.
“I am glad that these parameters were followed in true letter and spirit. As a result, we have been able to achieve our goal of maintaining the operational preparedness with safety, which also is the primary role and task of the PAF,” he added.
He said as Pakistan Air Force commander, modernisation and transformation of PAF into a 21st century force was his key priority.
He said the PAF could proudly claim to have inducted and operationalised all the latest weapon systems, adding, “Our fighter fleet has been upgraded with the fourth generation fighter aircraft and force multipliers.” The outgoing air chief said that PAF had established two squadrons of its very own indigenously produced JF-17 Thunder aircraft whose production started in the last three years.
This aircraft also saw unprecedented success in various exercises and international air shows the world over. He said other major inductions include Saab-2000 AEWC, ZDK-03 AWACS, IL-76 air-to-air refuellers and Spada-2000 Lomad systems.
Alongside induction of sophisticated equipment, its operationalisation and availability for operations was attained in a very professional manner within these three years.

Cyber Warfare – Muslim Liberation Army hacks 46 Indian Websites

Islamabad - Indian Websites of more than 46 educational institutions based in the district, including Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University, were hacked by a little known group said to be based in Pakistan, Indian police said yesterday.
Indian Cyber Crime Branch has launched investigations after receiving complaints in this regard from the university, P R Pote College of Engineering and Prof Ram Meghe Institute of Technology and Research among others, they said.
Muslim Liberation Army (MLA), an obscure group said to be based in Lahore, hacked into these websites and posted objectionable material on them, police said. (PTI)

India’s arms mostly target Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: India and China have never been serious military rivals. Never in history, other than the minor Sino-Indian Border Conflict of 1962, has India fought a sustained war with China. The probability of a future war between India and China is minimal. And that is so because the Great Himalayas run through the entire 3,380 km of the India-China border.

According to a report by Stratfor, the Texas-based private intelligence agency, “China has been seen as a threat to India, and simplistic models show them to be potential rivals. In fact, however, China and India might as well be on different planets. Their entire frontier runs through the highest elevations of the Himalayas. It would be impossible for a substantial army to fight its way through the few passes that exist, and it would be utterly impossible for either country to sustain an army there in the long term. The two countries are irrevocably walled off from each other. Ideally, New Delhi wants to see a Pakistan that is fragmented, or at least able to be controlled. Toward this end, it will work with any power that has a common interest and has no interest in invading India.”

On March 16, Pranab Mukherjee, India’s Finance Minister, jacked up India’s defence budget by a wholesome 17 percent-one of the sharpest ever jump over the past 65 years. The defence allocation now stands at a colossal $38.6 billion up an alarming 350 percent in rupee terms since 1999.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is upgrading its entire fleet of 51 Mirage 2000s. IAF has already assigned the nuclear strike role to its ‘Vajra’ fighter jets and now the fleet is getting “new RDY-3 radars with greater air-air and air-ground capability, a new night vision compatible all-digital cockpit and improved electronic warfare systems.” Then there is a hefty $20 billion in the new budget for 126 Rafale twinjet combat aircraft for “high-accuracy strikes and nuclear strike deterrence.” There also is $4 billion for an artillery modernization programme that includes 145 ultra-light howitzers for India’s mountain divisions stationed opposite Pakistani borders.

India has six neighbours-Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Nepal and China. Pakistan’s defence spending stands at $5.16 billion, Bangladesh $1.137 billion, Nepal $100 million and Burma $30 million. Collectively, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma and Nepal spend $6.5 billion a year on defence. India just by itself now spends a colossal $38.6 billion on defence. Who is India going to fight with?

Bharatiya Sthalsena (the Indian Army) already has 3,773,000 troops plus 1,089,700 paramilitary forces and is second only to China in size. IAF already has 1,700 aircraft and is the world’s 4th largest. The Indian Navy already operates some 13-dozen vessels with INS Viraat as its flagship, the only “full-deck aircraft carrier operated by a country in Asia or the Western Pacific, along with operational jet fighters.”

On the ground, Bharatiya Sthalsena has a total of 13 corps of which 6 are strike corps. Of the 13 corps more than half have their guns pointed at Pakistan. The 3rd Armoured Division, 2nd Armoured Brigade, 4 RAPID, Jaisalmer AFS, Utarlai AFS and Bhuj AFS are all aiming at splitting Pakistan into two (by capturing the Kashmore/Guddu Barrage-Reti-Rahimyar Khan triangle).

For the record, the 2011 Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report ranked India 45th amongst leading countries with hunger situation. According to the United Nations Development Programme 37.2 percent of Indians live below the national poverty line. Amazingly, poverty is so deep-rooted that India alone has 33 percent of world’s poor.

Military court drops one of two charges against Brigadier Ali

In what appeared to be an unparallel move, a Field General Court Martial (FGCM) has dropped one of two charges against Brigadier Ali Khan, making the case more complicated.
Earlier, he was charged for planning to carry out an air-raid on General Headquarters (GHQ) using F-16 jet-fighter.
In the first week of March, Brigadier Ali Khan was charged for hatching a conspiracy with an air force pilot who flies F-16 aircraft, planning to attack the GHQ during a meeting of corps commanders.
Counsel for Brigadier Ali, Advocate Colonel (Retd) Inamur Raheem told the Rawalpindi bench of the Lahore High Court (LHC) about the latest development, saying that the hearing had taken place on Monday.
Speaking to the media, the solicitor said he was provided with modified indictment list which doesn’t include the accusation of carrying out attacking on GHQ.
The authorities had not explained that for what reasons the charges were removed and who directed them to do so.
He, however, said that the other charge of alleged links with Hizb-ut-Tehreer (HoT) had still not been withdrawn. During the hearing, he informed the court that FGCM has summoned the Judge Advocate General (JAG) branch on March 27.
The counsel informed the court that his client’s retirement orders were held in abeyance by the military authorities.
Advocate Raheem on behalf of Brig Ali had filed an application before the Lahore High Court (LHC), arguing that the court martial proceedings against his client be declared illegal because he was no more in the military-service.
The solicitor also prayed to the court that his client was being traduced after he had asked military officials to fix responsibility for the May 2 US raid in Abbottabad that killed Osama Bin Laden.
According to the solicitor, Brigadier Ali also suggested his seniors to keep a check on perks enjoyed by certain military officials, the counsel added.
Brigadier Ali had served at the highest level of Pakistan army but was apprehended by the security forces, charging him for different allegations including his secret affiliations with banned out-fit, Hizb-ut-Tehreer (HoT).
The Brigadier was also charged for encouraging people to deceive against the civil government and military.

Army lauds media role for restoration of peace in Swat

Mingora—Spokesman of the Pakistan Army in Swat Colonel Arif Mehmood has said that media had played a major role in the restoration of peace in Swat and through sacrificing their lives the journalists had written a new chapter of history. Addressing a function held in his honour in Swat Press Club Monday, he said that after the restoration of peace, the media continued its positive role and was extending full support to the army in the rehabilitation and reconstruction process. The world, he said, should acknowledge the services of the journalists of Swat.

Those present on the occasion were included chairman executive committee, Swat Press Club, Ghulam Farooq Khan, acting president Swat Union of Journalists, Shehzada Alam, former chairman, Shahabuddin, Mehboob Ali, Sherin Zada and Essa Khankhel. In their speeches the journalists lauded the services of Colonel Arif Mehmood and paid tribute to GoC Swat Major General Ghulam Qamar for initiating development schemes in the press club. They also paid tribute to the spokesman of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Colonel Arif Mehmood for establishing close contacts with media and people in Swat.

Speaking on the occasion, Colonel Arif Mehmood said that the respect and love, which the people and media of Swat had extended to Pakistan army, will not be forgotten. He said that media had played very positive role in the restoration of peace and proved to be the real spokesmen of the people of Swat. He said that the chapter created by the journalists of Swat with sacrificing their lives will be always remembered.

He said that after the restoration of peace, Pakistan army is playing full role in the reconstruction and promotion of tourism in the area. He also appreciated the role of media in this regard.

Over 1000 patriotic & war songs list ( Naghmay ) Pakistan

This list is made by Absar Ahmed. We are focusing to find and upload Mp3's and Videos of all of these songs. We will soon work on database to make it easy for you to find these songs.

Noor Jahan

Merya Dhool Sipahiya Tenoo Rab diyan rakhan (1st Patriotic song of 1965 war)
Aye watan ke sajeelay jawanon mere naghmay tumhare liye hain
Karnail ni jarnail ni mera maahi chail chabeela 
Yeh hawaon ke Musafir yeh samunduron ke raahi
Jaag aye Mujahid-e-watan Phir pukarti hai tujh ko zindagi
Aih Puttar hataan te nai wikday
Tere baajray di raakhi
Aye watan aye watan teri lalkaar pe agai
Rang laai ga shaheedon ka lahoo
Merya sher jeehan weeran
Assan watan di aan layee
Mera sohna shahar qusoor ni
Sohni Dharti Allah rakhay Qadam qadam abad tujhe
Phir sher-e-Khuda jaagay phir waqt-e-Jehad aya
Aye sher dil jawanon hum sath hain tumharay
Maidaan tumharay hath rahay Allah ki rehmat sath rahay
Surat bhi khoob hai seerat bhi naik mera sipahee hai lakhon mai aik
Millat ke jawano ko yeh pegham suna do Phir Khalid-o-Tariq ki shaan
Ballay ballay ni watana da rakha hai
Charhta chaand ubharta sooraj roshan Pakistan
Aye sohna saano piyara ni yeh des di ankh da taar ni
Aye watan bandh kar sar pe kafan
Dushman ke hathon Qibla-e-Awwal to jal chuka
Dushman ke Hathon ( Version 2)
Aye dukhray hainn puranay kay deep jalain
Har lehza hai Momin ki nayee shaan nai aan
Momin lardi har dam (Pushto version of Mard-e-Momin)
Roshan meri ankhon mai wafa ke jo diye hain sab tere liye hain 
Tujhe watan ne pukaara hai mere Mehboob
Aye jaan-e-watan Sultan-e-watan
Umeed-e-Fatah Rakho aur Qadam barhaye chalo

Ahmed Rushdi's

Mera Paigham Pakistan 
Meri Sarhad ko Mera Lahoo chahye Mere Kheton ko meri namoo chahye ( 1965 )
Lala Ji Jaan diyo larna ki ja ( 1965 )
Sheron ka yeh naara goonja azaadi ya maut ( 1965, Film Azadi ya Maut )
Pak watan ki dharti pyari hamka apni jaan se pyari
Maa'n ki god watan ki dharti is dharti se pyar karo
Apni dharti pe bhaiyya bahar ayee
Lahore sarbuland hai Lahore zindabad
Hasbunallahu wa Naimal vakeel
Salam aye Dhakka o Chatgam ke ghaazi nigehbanon
Hamara sabz parcham hai hilali jhuk nahi sakta
Doryo bapu Bharat Desh ki hogyee jagat hansayee ( 1965 )
Himmat se har qadam uthana Tu hai Pakistani
Alif se Acha be se behtar pe se Pakistan ( Film Assalam-o- Alaikum )
Hum Ghabroo Pakistan ke
Aye Karachi Marhaba Aye Karachi Marhaba ( 1965 )
Sarkashi hai jang amada to phir youn hi sahi ( 1965 )
Har Lehza hai Momin ki nayee shaan nayee aan ( Kalam-e-Iqbal, 1965 )
Aasman hoga sahar ke Noor se aaina posh
Mard-e-Jamhoor sun Khaak se phool chun
Bandar Road se Kimari ( For old Karachi)
Aye Khuda-e-Zul Jalal Tere Hukum se Tere Shaheed La Zawal ( 1965 )
Yeh watan yeh chaman 

Masood Rana's

Sathiyo! Mujahido! Jaag utha hai sara watan
Aye Dushman-e-Deen tu ne us qaum ko lalkara
Aye Watan hum hain teri shama ke parwanon mai
Yaad karta hai zamana unhi Insaanon ko
Mera rang de shaheedi chola numa
Mere watan ke ghaazio! tumhay kisi ka khauf kia?
Shala wasda rahay Tera Sohna Haram
Apni dharti apna des
Jaag paye mere des day rakhay ghazi sher jawan
Saday Pak des di saray jag vich
Mera sohna des kisaanan da
Millat ka Pasban hai Muhammada Ali Jinnah
Hum ghabroo putr Punjab dai
Tauheed ke matwalo Batil ko mita dain gai
Asaan maan watan da rakhna hai
Haram ki Azmat ke Pasbano! Khuda nigehban hai tumhara
Jis din Pakistan bana
Hum watan ke sipahee banain gai
Uth mujhe diya sher jawan
Na tu zameen ke liye hai na aasman ke liye
Utho meri dunia ke gahribon ko jaga do
Din 14 August da yaad rakhna 

Mehdi Hassan's

Apni jan nazar karoon
Ab fateh mobeen hai
Us qaum ko shamsheer ki hajat nahi rehti
Pak shaheeno salam
Apni jan nazar karoon (1965 version)
Khitta-e-lahore tere jan nisaron ko salam
Yeh watan tumhara hai
Pakistan ke har goshay mai hansatay bastay log milen
Jhil jhil har chehray pe himmat ka lashkara
Himmat ke shanawar ko
Aye mere Pakistan
Yeh faisla hai watan ko saja ked um len gai
Yeh gumbad-e-minai yeh alam-e-tanhai (kalam-e-Iqbal)
Aye mere kamsin shaheed tujh pe millat ka salam ( tribute to Rashid minhas shaheed)
Hamari qaum ke mardan-e-jan nisar ko dekh Sialkot ke maidan-e-karzar ko dekh
Mai hoon mausiqaar-e-watan
Kar fazl-o-karam ya Rab jazba hamain aisa dai
Jeeway sohni dharti
Sohni dharti Allah rakhay 

Hamara Rahbar Nishan-e-Haider,Saray jahan mai apne watan ka hum ne naam kia 
Mardaan-e-Haq ke saamnay maidaan aik hai Kafir se jang ho to Musalman aik hai
Hum amn pasandon ko nahi jang gawara Ab thhan hi gyee hai to saho waar hamara
Dushman-e-Deen ke muqabil hai watan ke Ghazi 
Haq hai hamara Pakistan Le ke rahain gai Pakistan
Pyaray bacho! tum hi des ki shaan barhao gai
Abhi chaman mai mera hum nafas nahi koi
Sarashk-e-Chashm-e-Muslim mai hai Nesaan ka asar paida
Apne Khoon se tujhe rangeen fasanay dain gai
Tu Nigehban-e-Chaman hai Tujhe Sab Maan gaye ( 1965 War ) 

Saleem Raza's

Aao Bacchon sair karain tum ko Pakistan ki ( Film Bedaari )
Hum laaye hain tufaan se kashti nikal ke ( Film: Bedaar )
Sialkot tu Zinda rahay ga Zinda rahe ga zinda rahe ga ( Poet : Nasir Kazmi 1965 War )
Aye watan Islam ki Umeed gah-e-Akhri tujh pr salam ( 1965 War )
Aye Hawa ke Rahiyio! Badlon ke sathiyo! ( PAF Song 1965 War )
Sathiyo Sabz parcham uraatay chalo
Mere Lahore Shehar diyan Kheraan ( 1965, Lyrics ; Ustad Daaman ) 
Mere watan ke rakhwalon ne kese watan bachaya ( 1965 War )
Mashriqui Bengal ke aatish bajanon ko salam ( 1965 War )
Aye mere zinda-o-paainda watan Pak watan ( 1965 War )
Aye watan mere watan pyaray watan kis qadar shadab hain tere chaman ( 1965 )
Soye Manzil chalay aur barhtay chalay
Raah-e-Khizaan mai bahar kartay chalay ( 1971 War )
Tauheed ke Matwalo ! Batil ko mita dain gai Yeh Aaj Qasam khaa lo ( 1965 War )
Tariq ik Janail Hamara Fatah kiya Spain ko jis ne ( 1965 War )
Jug Jug ji Nagri Data ki ( 1965 War )

Ali Shayhki's

Mai bhi Pakistan hoon tu bhi Pakistan hai
Watan mai teri azmaton ko salam likhta hoon
Mere Watan mere chaman meri tamam shaairy
Mera dil meri jaan meri azaadi meri azadi
Suno doston meri aik baat apni dosti dunya ke sath
Mai shaair Pakistan ka 
Ik parcham ke neechay Pak fauj ke jawan hum 
Aye Pak watan,Yeh waqt gawahi de ga
Yeh Fauj-e-Pakistan ki (Allah se darnay walay)
Deen aur Kitab aik Fauj aur awam aik
Hum harkat-o-barkat az dariya
Hum Arz-e-Pak ki Hawai Fauj ke Uqaab hain
Hum Mustafawi (S.A.W) hain
Apni jan nazar karoon apni wafa pesh karoon
Pareshan ho ke meri khaak akhir dil na bun jaai
Nawa-e-Waqt (Kalam-e-Iqbal)
Allah Allah kar bhaiyya Allah hi dar bhaiyya
Hum Pakistan ki Barri Fauj ke Sher Diler Sipahee
Anay walay Saat sunehri saalon ka pegham Apni Golden Jubilee manaye Pakistan
Aye Watan pyaray watan Pak watan 

Junaid Jamshed & Vital Sign's

Dil dil Pakistan
Dil dil Pakistan (remix)
Dil dil Pakistan (remak new version)
Dil dil Pakistan (world cup version)
Hum hain Pakistani hum to jeetain gai
Aise hum jiyen (air force)
Jhapatna palatna palat kar jhapatna
Do pal ka jeewn
Maula tera karam Maula
Mere watan mere watan
Qasam us waqt ki (pak army)
Yeh ghazi yeh tere pur asraar banday
Har lehza-e-momin ki nai shan nai aan
Tu ne poochi hai imamat ki haqeeqat mujh se
Tu hai tu hai meri zameen ko phool bana de
Dil mangai dil mangay
Yeh dil mangay aur
Tu hai kahan jo apnay aap ko dhoond le who asman aur zameen hai
Bus yehi zameen
Har subha yahi kehti hui aati hai roshni asman pe baqi hai
Mera Pakistan hai dunya pyar ki
Dil mangay (remix)
Dil mai jo ho wohi to bus rehtay hain 


Pakistan ka matlab kia
Khayal rakhna
Chand meri zameen phool mera watan
Janan likhon ke jaan likhoon kia kia mai tujh ko nigar-e-watan likhoon
Jeevan shab ki tareeki mai Noor ka dhara Pakistan
Tum hi se aye mujahido jahan ka sabaat hai(air force)
Allah ka inam yeh azad watan hai
Maaon ki dua poori hui aur hamain ghar mil gaya
Hur awaz mai hum sab aik hain
Aye pak watan tujhe mera Khuda youn hi daaim qaaim shad rakhay
Pakistan ko samjho logo Pakistan Khuda ka hai
Hum log yahi aik dua mang rahay hain
Aaj phir gulshan-e-tauheed mai aye hai bahar 

Ghulam Abbas

Aye pak watan aye pak zameen tera din moti teri raat nageen
Pakistan ka matlab kia La ila ha illallah
Watan ko hum azeem se azeem tar banain gai
Ittehad-e-millat-e-Islamia painda bad
Khudi ka sir-e-naihan
Aye watan pak watan
Millat ka pasban hai Muhammad ali Jinnah
Hum nazar hum sukhan hum qadam sathiyo
Hum aik hain hum aik hain
Manzil ki taraf le chala manzil ka ishara dushwar safar hogya aasan hamara
Mitay mitay sab naqoosh-e-mazi
Aye Khuda meri jannat nishan des mai
Jaan se pyara Qauid-e-azam
Aye pak watan teri azmat ko salam
Azm zinda hain
Zameen bhi apni khula aasman bhi apna
Nai chiragh hamain roshni dikhatay hain
Naseem-e-subhe-e-watan mera watan
Hum aik huwe ism-e-Muhammad ke sahare Allah re eman o akhueat ke nazaray
Karo doston dil se

Muslim hai Hum Watan hai Sara Jahan Hamara 
Hum aik hain
Har Dil ki hai Sada Nizam-e-Mustafa(S.A.W) 
Azeem Qauid Azeem Rahbar Minara-e-Noor Teri Hasti
Hum Qauid-e-Azam ke kirdaar ki Tasveerain
Ya Rab Dil-e-Muslim ko woh Zinda Tamanna dai
Yeh Abadaiyan hari bhari rahain
Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhay
Aye Pak Watan Aye Pak Zameen ( Live Version ) 

(Various Singers) till 80's

Aye pyare logo sajday mai jake mango dua by shaukat ali & naheed akhter
Itne baray jeevan sagar mai tu ne pakistan diya by allan faqeer
Hum sab ka aik sahara yeh Pakistan hamara by faiz baloch
Hum nibhain gai by khalil haider
Aao mil kar by ali raza
Aao wada Karen by anwar rafi
Aye arz-e-watan by s.b.john
Aye arz-e-watan by tarannum naz
Aye qaum teri shan se hi by asif javed
Apna qauid rah dikhanay wala by asif javed
Azeem qauid azeem rahabr by mehnaz
Naye chiragh hamain rasta dikhatay hain by khursheed begum
Yeh Pakistan hai by robin joel
Kashmir zindabad by khurram jamshed
Jeevay Pakistan by nasar imam
Shabnam ka diya jala kar by mehnaz
Aye pak watan abad rahay by naeem
Rang jamatay mausam by javed niazi
Mere sath sath ao by javed niazi
Tera mera aik watan hai by rohani bano
Nai munderon pe ik sapna diya jalane aya hai by shazia
Islam ki azmat pe ghar bar luta dain gai by gulbahar bano
Chand sitare ka parcham by ghulam abbas
Zindabad Pakistan Pakistan zindabad by hamid ali & asad amanatPakistan zindabad by masood rana, shaukat ali & various artist
Yeh apna Pakistan hai by rozina khalid
Chalo ke manzil bula rahi hai by ghulam abbas
Pakistan ka parcham by shahida minni
Jinri watan saan (Sindhi song)
Qurban Pakistan by zik afridi
Aye puttar hatan te nai wikday by shahida minni
Pakistan ki khatir aik ho jain (ptv)
Ankhon ankhon jag raha hai by anwar rafi
Aye watan hum hain teri shama by anwar rafi
Deen zameen samandar durya kohistan by anwar rafi
Meri ankhon ke liye surma teri khak-e-watan aye watan by khursheed begum
Azm-o-jurrat ke nishan by shamsa kanwal
Chand roshan chamakta sitara rahay by zarqa & mahwish
Chand roshan chamakta sitara rahay by zarqa
Chalo yeh sochain hum aaj mil ke by saira naseem
Chand sitaray wala parcham by javed akhter
Chand suraj sitara by Ali raza
Falak ki god mai lehrai Pakistan ka parcham by runa laila
Millat hai fauj, fauj ka sardar hai Jinnah by mehnaz
Uthain phir fasl-e-gul mai arzowon ko jama kar den by Muhammad ali
Haq hai hamara Pakistan le ke rahen gai Pakistan by mehdi Hassan & mehnaz
Gulab rut ko by arifa siddiqui
Har su pheli hai haryali by gulshan Ara syed
Har dil mai hi by khalil haider
Is pak sarzameen pe mai by mehnaz
Jashn-e-azadi manain gai by karamat ali & anita
Khizan ke ghar se chaman by shazia manzoor
Mashriq ke ufaq pe by anwar rafi
Mere saray shahar by surraya khanum
Naye chiragh hamain rasta dikhatay hain by khursheed begum
Naghmay ki sada by Muhammad yousuf
Rastay keg ham by shamsa kanwal
Salam tujh ko watan by ejaz qaiser
Tu abad aur zinda rahe ga by zafar Ali
Who lamha jo tareekh bana by humera arshad
Who suraj jag mag suraj by iqbal Ali
Yeh dharti husn ki dharti hai by humera arshad
Yeh dharti by Rajab Ali
Yeh mera watan by shamsa kanwal
Zindagi apne watan ki zindagi ka naam hai by farida khanum
Apne des ka har ik mausam by firdos rajan
Chahat ke har aik safar mai by suraiya multani & ejaz qaiser
Dil se pyra by rehan khan
Khuada kare k meri arz-e-pak pe utray by niaz Ahmed
Lakahan desan wichon by rashida begum
Hum aik thay hum aik rahen gai by ejaz qaiser
Lot aye chaman mai bahar by chorus
Jeevay shala des hamara by mehnaz
Mehak rahi hai by rashida begum
Mehboob watan mere by saiyyan chauhadry
Menu des di nayee by rashida begum
Mere Pakistan tujh ko by rajab ali
Mere pyar da gehna des mera by saiyyan chaudhry
Nai chiragh mahain rasta dikhatay hain chorus
Nigheban mere Pakistan by asif javed
Yeh mulk hamara ghar hai by asif javed
Tere phoolon ke liye by humaira arshad
Was diya rahen by ghulam Ali
Yeh kawita pakistani hai by nighat seema
Din 14 da yad rakhna by noor jahan,masood rana & Khalid waheed
Zindabad aye watan by salamat Ali
Aye gul zameen aye gul zameen by tahira syed
Milli naghma by afshan abbas
Yeh des by anjum shahbaz
Aye meri sarzameen (ptv chorus)
Aye pak watan tujhe by shameer
Aye qauid-e-azam tera ehsan hai by humaira channa
Gulshan-e-hind mai who phool khila aaj ke din by arshad mehmood
Utho jag utho naujawan bhayon by mehnaz
Azad musalman by Rajab Ali
Parchamon se hawa chali by lubna nadeem
Khushbu ban ke mehak raha hai by lubna nadeem
Khushbu ban ke by mehnaz
Eman rakho is dunya mai by shazia
Sarzameen-e-watan by Fatima jafri
Mera Pakistan by arif lohar
Jab bhi koi mushkil by fariha parvez
Fida tujh pe watan
Hum Pakistan hum Pakistan by rahat fateh Ali
Apni dharti apni pehchan by rahat fateh Ali
Kamli diya dhola by shaukat ali
Koi raesa nai Pakistan di by shaukat Ali
Mai ghabroo Pakistan da by arif lohar
Menu Rab di sohni dharti by arif lohar
Mere des mai har pal chahoon by arif lohar
Aye watan maan ki tarah tu ne pala hai by Muhammad ifrahim
Milli naghma by sajjad ali
Aye mere logon by salma agha
Milli naghma by naheed akhter
Tu hai mera Pakistan by hadiqa kiani
Pak zameen pe karam mere maula ka by arif lohar
Aik jan Pakistan by kahdijah haider
Pyar ka gulshan qadam qadam by shaukat ali & arif lohar
Roshan roshan by tasawwur khanum
Allah nigehban Maula nigehban by shabnam majeed
Allah mere Pakistan by shaukat ali
Tu hi hamari jan hai by humera channa
Zameen ki god rang se by waris baig
Yeh apni yeh apna watan by surraiya khanum
Zameen ki god rang se umang se bhari rahay by Muhammad ifrahim
Aao mil ker
Yeh pak sarzameen hai by Muhammad ifrahim
Sohni dharti by shahnaz begum
Jeevay jeevay Pakistan by shahnaz begum
Ghar ko abad rakhen by mujeeb alam
Aye rooh-e-Quaid aaj ke din hum tujh se wada karte hain by sajjad ali & bejamin sisters
Jab tak peron talay zameen hai by A.nayyar
Aye mere khwabon ki jannat by mehnaz
Khushbu ne chera saz ke jese dharti jag uthi by mehnaz
Yeh din apne aap ko manwanay ka din hai by mehnaz
Haqeeqaton ke razdan by afzal latifi
Mere watan tu meri jan hai by deedar Hussain
Meri dharti ne kar ke singhar bakhshi bahar by sayyan chauhadry
Diya jalay rakhna hai by shahnaz begum
Parcham hai chand tara by tahira syed
Agar hai jazba-e-tameer zinda by tahira syed
Dukh she kar by tarannum naz (rah-e-rast)
Woh dar andaz hon by tauseef dar (rah-e-rast)
Aye nigar-e-watan tu salamat rahay by habib wali Muhammad
Mere watan tu hamesha jannat nishan rahay by farida khanum
Sari dunya ke lye pyar ka pegham bano by mehnaz
Aye nigar-e-watan by habib wali Muhammad (long track)
Roshan o darakhshan Pakistan rahay habib wali Muhammad
Aye meri sarzameen-e-watan by habib wali Muhammad
Sohni dharti Allah rakhay by habib wali Muhammad
Kiran mili zameen per by humera channa
Rang jamatay mausam by javed niazi
Is dharti ke rehnay walay sab hain Pakistani
Kamhlay na kabhi bhi farida khanum
Sajdi bahar di by shahida parveen
Shabnam ka diya jala kar by mehnaz
Mujhe pyar apne watan se hai by akhlaq Ahmed
Khuda ne di hai by akhlaq Ahmed
Hum hain Musalman by Akhlaq Ahmed & nayyara noor
Mera pegham Pakistan by nusrat fateh ali khan
Jug jug jiye mera pyara watan by arifa siddiqui
Tere dil mai hai pyar Faisal latif
Aye gul zameen by meh jabeen qazalbash
Jab tak chamke chand sitaray by mehnaz
Aye watan pyare watan by hamid ali khan
Mere des mai har pal chahoon by rustam fateh ali khan, arifa siddiqui & alam lohar
Sabz parcham by zarqa & mehwish
Salam parcham-e-watan by nighmat seema
Jeevay Pakistan by nighat seema
Qauid-e-azam ka ahsan by shazia
Apna dil hai Pakistan by mehnaz
Pyare bachon tum hi des ki shan barhao gai by mehdi Hassan
Chalo chalen papa hum apne Pakistan mai by naheed akhter
Jeet hamari ogi by mehnaz
Jeet hamari hogi by A.nayyar
Made in Pakistan by naheed akhter
aye shahar-e-be misal by tahira syed
duaen sari wafain by humera channa
hum zinda qaum hain by tehseen javed, amjad Hussain & Benjamin sisters
ghar ko abad rakhen by mujeeb alam
jeevay Pakistan by chorus
Aao Karen hum pyar watan se by zarqa
Zameen ki god rang se by waseem baig
Mai bhi Pakistan hoon by waseem baig
Tera Pakistan hai by amjad Hussain
Aao bachon sair karain by salim raza
Aye watan aye watan by salim raza
Hum laai hain tufan se kashti nikal ke by salim raza
Tarana-e-khawateen by naheed akhter
Dil-e-diwana Pakistani by meh jabeen
Dharti hamari jiye jiye by shazia khushk
Hum sab ki hai pehchan sohna Pakistan by shahida minni
Tarana-e-khwateen by mehnaz
Mai chhota sa ik larka hoon by akhter qureshi
Hum masoom sipahi by akhter qureshi
Aye watan aye alam-e-Islam ki tabandagi by akhlaq Ahmed
Ik jazba-e-bahmi ki quwat to dekhna by akhlaq Ahmed
Zameen pe chand tara by mujeeb alam
Hum Pakistani by mujeeb alam 

(Various Artists) 90's to Present

Pakistan hamara watan by salim javed
Pakistan Pakistan by salim javed
Des mera des mera by salim javed
Mera dil hai Pakistan by jupiters
Dharti hamari hai by zohaib Hassan
Pyara pyara Pakistan by night creatures
Pak zameen shan hai hamari by strikers
Teri meri manzil by sendicate
Dukh ke maron ki by fone kabeer roy
Nai umangain jaga ke to dekho by live wires
Aao dilon mai phir se by live wires
Dosti ke geet by live wires
Nai umangain(2) by live wires
Sara jahan hai hamare liye by live wires
Hum Pakistani hum Pakistani by moin jamal
Watan watan aye watan teri hawain by moin jamal
Meri dharkan meri jan by raees azam
Des hamara aur tumhara by elusion
Mera dil hai Pakistan by jawad Ahmed
Zameen ke betay by wet metal
Mujh ko to apni dharti se pyar hai by hard foundation
I love my Pakistan by aziz warsi
Yeh pak watan mera ghar hai by moin akhter
Aaj har koi is tarah jiye by zias
Yahi to hamari hai hayat by uzma shah
Bachon suno tum kahani by Jennifer
Mere dil ki dharkan by tojo
Aye Jinnah zindabad by khurram jamshed
Parcham Pakistan ka hai by khurram jamshed
Qauid ki hamsheer hai by khurram jamshed
Diya jalta rahay by khurram jamshed
Pak sipahee teri shan nirali by khurram jamshed
Imtehan koi bhi ho by uzma shah
Hamara dil hamari Jan by shahzeb
Dekho hum watan aisi qaum ban ke dikhana by adnan Sami
Aye watan tu salamat rahay ga sada
Apna Pakistan by laser
Mast qalandar jevay Pakistan by laser
Khayal rakhna by milestones
Arzi aye hai by salim
Na maloom sipahee by keynotes
Pakistan by Shahzad Mughal
Jawan aur azad
Is jahan mai bhi by Hassan Ali
Zindagi by athar Ali
Parcham Pakistan ka har pal ooncha rakhna hai by myp
Nazaray ye saray by squencers
Meri umeed by nadeem jafri
Sohni mitti by yasir akhter
Munda Pakistani by yatagan
Proud Pakistani by yatagan
Khyber o panjab hai jis mai sindh balochistan by Faisal nadeem
Mera pak watan by arshad mehmood
Hum Pakistani qaum hai by sajjad Ali & waqar
Watan ki mitti by fariha parvez
Chand sitara apna parcham by fariha parvez
Hai yahi ik sada by shakila khurasani
Meri zameen by salamat Ali
Aye watan aye watan by hamid Ali khan
Munda Pakistani by fakhr-e-alam
Jeevan sagar by khurram jamshed
Tu hi dildar hai by jawaad Ahmed
Diya jalai rakhna hai by aamir salim
Pakistan ka matlab kia by string fellows
Dekho kesa kamal by komal Rizvi
Yeh watan tumhara hai by komal Rizvi
Jeet naseeb hamara by saif ali
Meri jannat ka yeh hai naam by phillip Patrick
Himmat se har qadam uthana by salim javed
Watan by naved arshad
Tu hai Pakistani by salim javed
Pak hai watan woh pakistan by ali haider
Pakistan Pakistan ho Pakistan by ali haider
Jab talak maula hai sang chaltay rahen by ali haider
Tera tera mera mera Pakistan by ali haider
Meri dharti meri jan by ali haider
Mai hoon Pakistan by ali haider
Watan ki yaad satay by ali haider
Intehai shauq by hadiqa kiani
Jeetain gai hum by hadiqa kiyani
Dekhay hum ko sara jahan by najam shiraz
Josheela janay har hua kion zor se by faisal anwar
Aao mil ker hathon mai hath dalo agay barho by faisal anwer
Seenon mai hain hoslay by naeem abbas rufi
Nigar-e-watan by zeeshan farrukh
Dikhana hai kamal by lucky ali
Mere watan mera iman hai tu by rahim shah
Kia hum aik hain by rahim shah
Aik quam zinda qaum pakistani qaum by bunny
Hum se hai zamana zamanay se hum nahi
Hum Pakistani qaum hain by waqar ali
Khayal rakhna by squencers
Hum zinda qaum hain by Shahzad roy
Aaj mera Pakistan by Shahzad roy
Sarhadon pe hai hifazat by Shahzad roy
Proud Pakistani by fakhr-e-alam
Roshni by milestones
Aandhi aur tufan by milestones
Rasta naya by bunny
Agay hi agay by karavan
Umeedain hum ko buht hain by karavan
Tu hi jeet hai by awaz
Mil kar bolo by aamir zaki
Jago rakhay saiyyan by Shahzad roy
Tum jo chaho by uzma shah
Le jain gai baazi dekhna by fringe benefits
Kabhi na hona beqarar by shakeela khurasani
Des pardes by uzma shah
Aye watan hum hain teri by imran naushad
Aye rah-e-haq ke shaheedon by sadaf munir
Aye watan ke sajeelay jawano by sana munir
Hum mustafawi hain by Khalid waheed
Jab tak hai by waseem niaz
Deewanay chalen jab sath by fuzon
Chalen sath (2) by fuzon
Recall by various artist (telefun)
Jeena yahan marna yahar by sahar
Hum bolen muhabbat ki zuban by najam shiraz
Hum bolen muhabbat ki zuban by farida khanum
Jeet lo dil by strings
Irada karna hai by karavan
Yeh zindagi hai by karavan
Yeh kia ho raha hai by barbarians
Rakh aas by karavan
Allah Allah yeh pyara Pakistan by abrar-ul-haq
Dharti hai maa is pe jan apni fida hai yaro by abrar-ul-haq
Pyar karte hain hum tujh ko Pakistan by inteha band
Dunya ko dikhana hai by jupiterz
Jeetain hain jeetain gai by nx with dj locus
Hum sa koi bhi to nhi by fawad v7
Aye khuda aye khuda wohi nusrat tu hum ko ata kar by rustam fateh ali khan
Amar kahani by najam shiraz
Aao hum sab aik hojain by najam shiraz & aiman
Yaron yahi dosti hai by jupiters
Ahtisab by junoon
Jazba-e-junoon by junoon
Ahtisab(2) by junoon
Mujhe azad karo by junoon
Junoon se aur ishq se milti hai azadi by junoon
Saqi nama by junoon
Khudi ko kar buland itna by junoon
Jazba(2) by junoon
Jaago by jazba
Pakistan by jazba
Tareekhi waqia by jazba
Tareekhi waqia (2) by jazba
Jaago again by jazba
Karachi hai Karachi by tariq tafu
Lahore Lahore aye by tariq tafu
Nai reesan Pakistan diyan by tariq tafu
Meri pehli hai pehchan by aamir salim
Is parcham ke saye talay by amir salim
Jeevay hard um jeevay, jeevay mera Pakistan by salim javed
Josh se ayen gai hum by naeem abbas rufi
Qaumi bhangra by khurram jamshed
Aye Jinnah pyare Jinnah by imran nashad
Iqbal tujhe teri azmaton ko salam by imran nashad
Aye watan hum hain teri shama ke parwanon mai by imran nashad
Dukh ayen gai such ayen gai by erum Hassan
Sari dunya ghoomon nagar nagar mai jaon by waris baig
Yeh noor ka sarchashma by waris baig
Jeevay mera dhola by shazia manzoor
Teri wadi wadi ghoomon by Kashif ansari
Tera Pakistan hai yeh mera by masroor Hussain
Mai bhi Pakistan hoon (fateh)
Khayal rakhna by rahim shah
Islam ki tanveer yahi pak watan hai by roshan & atiya
Aye watan janan-e-man by roshan abbas
Pakistani mujahid by ehsas group
Sohni dharti Allah rakhay by maaira
Is parcham ke saye tale hum aik hain by maira
Sohni dharti Allah rakhay (habib bank song)
Hur dum hur dam meri yeh dua by ehsas
Aye watan pyare watan by shafqat amanat
Hum is mitti ke rakhwalay hum kam Karen gai
Mere mehboob watan aye mere mehboob by tanveer afridi
Parcham hamara aur buland aur buland by tanveeer afridi
Dil to aik hai by Ali azmat
Hai jazba junoon to himmat na haar (remix) by junoon
Jiye yeh pehchan hamari by aaroh
Hamari pehchan tumhari pehchan by najam shiraz
Aye watan pak watan by najam shiraz
Yeh golden jubilee saal hai
Hum Pakistani hain hum se hai Pakistan by heavens
Mera mera Pakistan by rage
Mera dil hai Pakistan by jawwad Ahmed
Yeh pak zameen pak zameen hai by jawwad Ahmed
Khol ankh zameen dekh falak dekh fiza dekh by jawwad Ahmed
Tu abhi reh guzar mai hai qaid-e-maqam se guzar (kalam-e-Iqbal) by jawwad Ahmed
Yeh des hamara hai by anita
Sab se pehle Pakistan by Ahmed jehanzeb
Yeh Pakistan hamari jan by aavish
Aye watan ke sajeelay jawano by tayyaba zubair
Is watan pe jan o dil qurban by tayyaba zubair
Yeh wada hai apna wafa hum Karen gai by waseem niaz
We are the greatest nation by dj locus
Dil Pakistani hai by nexus
Takbeer by Ali sher
Socho to aasman ke taray manzil hamare
Aao hum sab aik ho jain by aks
Aye maan by sarab
Aye Khuda aye Khuda sunne wala tu hai karam wala by rage
Hum sath thay hum sath rahen gai by Shahzad roy
Hum aik hain by Shahzad roy
Hum hi jeetain gai bazi by Shahzad roy
Pak fauj tu zindabad by abrar-ul-huq
Aao zara socho zara abrar-ul-huq
Yeh muamla koi aur hai (patriotic version) by najam shiraz
Agay qadam barhao by najam shiraz
Hamain zindagi se pyar by najam shiraz
Kaam aur kaam by najam shiraz
Waqar ooncha by najam shiraz
Ilm hasil karna hai by najam shiraz
Buland sab tasubat se by najam shiraz
Yeh hoslay yeh walwalay by Shahzad roy
Rang dhanak ke by tanveer afridi
No 1 bun jain gai by tanveer afridi
Abad rahay by tanveer afridi
Arzoo keg ye justuju kejye by tanveer afridi
Tu hai to hum hain by tanveer afridi
Muhabbat ki by tanveer afridi
Saaiban by tanveer afridi
Sapna by tanveer afridi
Mere mehboob watan (remix) by tanveer afridi
Apnay markaz se agar door nikal jao gai by tanveer afridi
Jiye Pakistan by ali haider
Salam Pakistan by saleem javed
Happy birth day Pakistan by tahir
Watan ke geet gayen gai by robin joil
Yeh kon hain by bunny
Allah Pakistan jiye by khurram jamshed
Aye pak watan by saima iqbal
Dil jan-e-watan by sadaf iqbal
Mere des ko malik shad rakhay (unknown)
Aao wahan chale aao by najam shiraz
Walwalon ko jawan rakhna hai
Suraj tulu hua 14 august ka by sikandar jaffery
Aslaha nahi tashaddud naheen by sikandar jaffery
Dil ki dharkan mai by almas zaidi
Nai reesan Pakistan diyan by tariq tafu
Karachi hai Karachi hai by tariq tafu
Mai ki bola kuch boli na by salim javed
Watan ke rangon mai rang apna jo de chukay hain salam unko
Tera bhi mera bhi sab ka Pakistan hai by salim lodhi
Pakistan by laiba
Pak watan by nasir salman
Hello kon balda aye by humaira arshad
Jevay mera dhola by shazia choudhry
Yeh parcham-e-hilal ooncha rahay ga by almas zaidi
Sohna Pakistan by tariq boby
Aye watan pyare watan by shafqat amanat
Meri mitti mera sona by shahida minni
Meri dharkan meri jan by raes azam
Azadi ke geet by mona sisters
Karnel ni jarnel ni by shahida minni
Merya dhol sipahiya by shahida minni
Jiyo jam ke jiyo by Shahzad Mughal
Hans ke jiyo yaro by Shahzad Mughal
Sohna des hai dil mera by surayya khanum
Meri jan Pakistan by surayya khanum
Yeh kia horaha hai by barbarians
Apne watan se apni kahani hai by ali sher
Choti choti khusyan
Sang hamare by shafqat amanat
Chalo chalen Pakistan chalen (ptv song)
Pakistani tujhe salam ( various artist Indus tv)
Is des ke rang hazar by najam shiraz
Mitti ki muhabbat bhoolay nahi hum koi shahadat bhoolay nahi by najam shiraz
Gilay shikway sab bhula do hum aik hain sari dunya ko bata do najam shiraz
Ilm hasil karo by najam shiraz
Jeevay jeevay Pakistan by najam shiraz
Mera dil hai Pakistan meri jan hai Pakistan by mona sisters
Tu hai des mera by mona sisters
Sooraj karay Salam by mona sisters
Kaliyon se bhara pholoon se lada yeh bagh hamara hai by mona sisters
Aye mere des by mona sisters
Yeh des hamra hai by wasim baig
Zameen ki god rang se umang se bhari rahay by wasim baig
Sooraj kare salam by sohail rana
Teri wadi wadi ghoomon by anwar Ibrahim
Mera des mera mahiya meri jan mera mahiya by anwar Ibrahim
Apni zuban urdu qaumi zuban urdu by mona sisters
Allah tera shukar tu ne mujh ko paksitan diya by mona sisters
Sath hamare chalo aur barhtay raho by wasim baig
Mere ghazi tu jiye jiye hazaron saal by mona sisters
Sohni dharti Allah rakhay by uroosa
Rang ba ranagai phoolon ka guldasta Pakistan by wasim baig
Allah aisi rim jhim aye noor se sara des nahaye by mona sisters
Phool chunain hum pyare pyare by mona sisters
Iqbal hai iqbal hai Iqbal hamara by chorus
Unchay unchay chanaar wala mera des hai mera mahiya by mona sisters
Ik dali ke phool ik dhanak ke rang by mona sisters
Taron se ziada chamkay phoolon se ziada mehkay mera des mera des by mona sisters
Khush aamdeed khush aamdeed by mona sisters
Tu hai des mera by mona sisters
Lehrata rahe parcham hamare Pakistan ka by mona sisters
Chaman ko chalye chaman ko chalye by mona sisters
New patriotic songs
Koi kiran si
Hum agay barhtay jain gai
For the nation by hazel
Aao mil kar sab ko dikhla dain
Pakistan tu hi to meri jan hai
Zidagi kion chin rahi hai
Jila watan by call band
In raston pe chal kr by call band
Meri zameen tu by rabi pirzada
Dua by bali sarfaraz
Oye hum Pakistani by shajar fakhar
Hum bhi jeetain hain aur kamyab hain by bunny
Jeena hum ko sikhay by khadijah haider
Jeet hamari reet hai by erum Hassan
Rakh lo bharam by various artist
Ab fateh mobeen hai by asif mehdi
Millat ka pasban hai by khlail haider
Sun shine by raga boys
Don’t worry be happy by Khalid waheed
Apna watan apna watan
Mera pegham Pakistan by humera arshad
Yeh hoslay kese jhukain by shafqat amanat
Qaumon ki dastan by nazar lalani
Chalo yeh sochain by rustam fateh ali khan
Meri yeh zindagi
Muntazir hai mera Pakistan by wajd
Hum mustafawi hain by amjad sabri
Ik shama-e-ilm hai by rahat fateh ali
Kuch yad Karen kuch baat Karen by najam shiraz
Apne is parcham ki rangat ko bhula mat dena
Hum hain Pakistani by Ahmed jehanzeb
Teri soch aur himmat jagay jawan by noori
Dil ki qasam by ali noor
Suno ke mai hoon jawan by noori
Chalo sath by kainat
Teri qasam by kainat
Aao phir by hadiqa kiyani
Hum se hai zamana by suroor
Pehchan by tarz
Sapnay by roxen
Aaj by roxen
Jiyo phir se jiyo (geo TV)
Lab pe aati hai dua by GEO
Allah mera Pakistan by ilyas sikandar
Pak sarzameen by test transmission
Sohna Pakistan by jessi lailpuria
Mere des mai hai iman buht by areeb azhar
Salam Pakistan by jamil shah
Yeh arz hai ik meri by rana Rizvi
Aye watan tere liye by basharat Rizvi
Aur hum hain aik jan by khawar javed
Parinaday ki faryad by asif khan
Himmat hai by kaavish
Hum chalay hum chalay by imran javed
Josh by test transmission
Dooriayn by sahar
Chhoolo asman by sahar
Umeed by kaavish
Watan ke geet ja by syed Muhammad iqbal
Shahar Karachi (metro tv)
Uth mujahid-e-watan by syed Iqbal
Roshan meri ankhon mai by zill-e-huma
Aye watan ke sajeelay by zill-e-huma
Sabz parcham hamara by Ahmed foods
Tarana-e-khwateen by mehnaz
Khushbu ban ke mehak raha hai mera Pakistan by mehnaz
Rafta rafta jab yeh jazba muslim ka arman bana by sikandara jaffery & almas zaidai
Hum laye hain tufan se kashti nikal ke by Ahmed jehanzeb
Aye qauid-e-azam tera ahsan hai ahsan by fariha parvez
Khol ankh zameen dekh fiza dekh by faisal baloch
In fizaon se agay by najam shiraz 2006
Chand meri zameen by hamid ali khan
Yeh watan hamara hai by faisal latif
Kuch shor macha by EP
Kitna badal gaya insane (Geo tv)
Ab khud hi kuch karna pare ga by strings & atif aslam
Aye mard-e-musalman jag zara by sagheer hasnain
Jeenay do jeenay do
Hum azad hain
Yeh hum nahi by various artist
Diya jalay rakhna (ptv show)
Millat ka pasban by salim javed
Millat ka pasban hai Muhammad Ali Jinnah by Ahmed jehanzeb
Chalo wahgah ki sarhad pe watan pe waqt aya hai
Jevay jevay Pakistan by zafar iqbal
Jeenay do jeenay do by sajjad ali & ali azmat
Is des ke rakhwalay hain by khurram jamshed
Allah Allah kar bhaiyya by alan faqeer
Pakistan zindabad by tariq zia
Kal hamara hai by call
Hum se hai yeh zamana by call
Badal do zamana by call band 

Taj Multani's

Apni Quwwat Apni Jaan La ilaha Ilallah
Jang Khed nai Hondi zananiya di Aj Hindiyan jang di gal chereen
Tu Hadees-e-Zindagi ki is tarah tafseer kar
Pakistan ka Matlab kia
Qaumi tarana gaao
Hamain Islam pe Is Mulk ki Tameer karni hai
Ya Rab Dil-e-Muslim ko woh zinda tamanna dai
Watan ko rashk-e-bahesht banana hai
Pak watan ki har shay pyari
Woh mera Pakistan
Aye hum watano akhir woh shab si ahi gye
Hum zida qaum hain
Parcham duaaon ka bhi nishanon ke sath hai
Shaheen sifat tere hawa baz aye faza-e-paak
Shaad rahay abad rahay
Pak watan tu pyara pyara
Chain aram dil ka nahi hai
Apne Fazaiyya ke yeh Andaz dekhye
Mere Watan ke Nau Jawa'n Diler Saf Shikan Jawa'n

Mujeeb Alam

Ya Rab mere watan ka parcham buland rakhna
Pakistan ke saaray shehro zinda raho paainda raho
Jeevan shab ki tareeki mai noor ka dhara Pakistan
Khyber se Mehran tat
Yeh parcham amn-o-akhuwat hai
Hum ko zindagi se ziada pyari 
Apni fuaj ki dekho shaan
zameen pe chand taara ban ke dunya jagmaga dain gai
Hum Pakistani hum Pakistani
Ghar ko abad rakhen 
Apni dharti ko jannat banain gai hum
Khuda ne di hai 
Ustaad Amanat Ali Khan

Aye watan pyare watan
Aih dharti mera sohna yaaro
Rasm-e-Shabbir ikhtiyar karain
Aye watan tujh ko jannat banain gai hum
Watan-e-Pak ki azmat ke saharay tum ho
Yeh gumbad-e-Minaai yeh aalam-e-tanhai
Chand meri zameen phool mera watan
Dil soz se khaali hai 
Ya Rab Dil-e-Muslim ko woh zinda tamanna dai
Mausam Badla 

Shehnaz Begum

Diya jalay rakhna hai
Jeeway jeeway Pakistan
Sohni dharti Allah rakhay qadam qadam abad tujhe
Sabz parcham ko bana ke Azmat-e-Deen ka nishan
Jiyen to Is Dhatri ke natay
Mere Weer gaye hai hain Sakhyon Mere Des ki Aan bachaanay
Yeh Suraj Doob nahi sakta
Yahi Meri Namaz hai Yahi Mera Wuzoo
Nadya aur Patwar usi ki
Baandhain to yahi Bandhan Bandhain
Nanhay Farishton Aye Naunehalon Tum se hai Pakistan
Naseem Begum

Aye Rah-e-Haq ke shaheedon wafa ki tasveeron
Aye Madar-e-Watan ooncha ho tera naam
Woh jo sipahee Rab ka hai
Haq ka parcham le kar utho batil se takraao 
Wohi Jawaan hai Qabeelay ki Ankh ka Taraa
Apne Parcham Talay har Sipahee Chalay
Runa Laila

Aye zameen-e-watan sar se baandhay kafan teri khidmat mai haazir hain 
Ghar ke chiraagh roshan hain aaj
Naghmon ke phool tum pr nichhawar Mujahidon
Falak ki god mai lehraye Pakistan ka parcham

Inayat Hussain Bhatti

Aye Mard-e-Muajhid jaag zara ab waqt-e-shahadat hai aya
Bhala ji hun Dhar ragra, Rakh jigra tay ho hun tagra
Sada Allah Aik Quran hai Aik
Aj muk gyee ae Ghamaan wali sham teno sada pehla salam
Zinda dilon ka gehwara hai Sargodha mera shehar
Is des wich sada
Qadam barhao Sathiyo tum watan ke sher ho
Watan ko tum pe Fakhr hai watan ki tum hi shan ho

Tahira Syed

Jag mag jag mag Chand Sitara zinda hai har shehar hamara
Aye watan aye watan aye watan
Agar hai jazba-e-tameer zinda to phir kis cheez ki hum mai kami hai
O Momin larda hai 
Lahoo luhaan hain mere shehar mere log
Aye mere arz-e-watan
Aye Gul zameen aye gul zameen 
Wohi meri kam naseebi
Tere Ishq ki inteha chahta hoon

Munir Hussain

Dushman aj Lalkariya saday des jan nisaaran noon
Chand suraj mai jab tak roshni hai
Jab ishq sikhata hai adab-e-khud agaahi
Aur na kuch tadbeer karo pehle ghar taameer karo
Gharnata Gharnata
Nisar mai teri galiyon pe aye watan ke jahan
Az chashm-e-Saaqi mast-e-sharabam

 Habib Wali Muhammad

 Aye Nigar-e-watan tu salamat rahay
Lahoo jo sarhad pe beh raha hai Lahoo jo sarhad pe beh chuka hai
Aye Sipaahan-e-Watan Haideri Shamsheer ho tum
Shah-e-Mardan Sher-e-Yazdan Quwwat-e-Parwardigar
Roshan-o-Rakhshan Nayyar-o-Tabaan Pakistan rahay
Aye meri sarzameen-e-watan
Aye Nigar-e-Watan tu salamat rahay (Radio version) 

Muhammad Alam Lohar

Jugni Pakistan di 
Jugni Pkistan di (2)
Jugni Pakistan di (3)
Saday sheran Pakistaniyan
Saday sheraan Pakistaniyan (2)
Pyara hai Pakistan hamara
O dunya janay mere watan ki shaan
Yeh dharti punj daryawan di
Kasana des diyan
Pakistani sheran tera wich
Chalde rehn Tracktor
Muhammad Ifrahim

Zameen ki God Rang se Umang se Bhari rahay
Aaj tak jin ko Guzara gaya hai Tufanon se
Yeh Pak Sarzameen hai
Hathon mai Quran utha ke Aaj hum kartay hain Ailan Zinda Rahe ga Pakistan
Allahu Akbar
Aye Watan Maa'n ki tarah Tu neYeh Darya Mere Darya hain
Thar Thar Kanpay Siyahee