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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nuclear comparison between Pakistan and India

Well, India is going for many Defense deals. Sometimes they deal to by Apache and sometimes to by Rafale. India is spending lot of budget in order to face her enemy. They are preparing for a conventional warfare.

On the other hand Pakistan is also getting prepared to face all the threats from her enemy. Pakistan is spending about 16% of their total budget on Army. In fact, Pakistan is facing threats within the country so Pakistan is spending much money to buy new weapons.

But what about nuclear warfare?

In fact, Pakistan is much advanced in nuclear warfare when compared to India.

First of all, Pakistan military has second strike capability. It means Pakistan can attack India within 8 minutes with nuclear weapons. On the other hand India need many hours to prepare for a nuclear war. It means if Pakistan attacks first on India with her nuclear weapons India can not reply back with nuclear bombs. But if India dare to start nuclear warfare, Pakistan can certainly reply them back resulting destruction or vanishing of India.

Pakistan is producing most dangerous atomic bombs while on the other hand India is looking to test her nuclear capability again.

Pakistan is having pin point accurate nuclear capable missiles but what about India? In fact, India is not sure about her missiles. A report already published by Indian media clearly depicts power of Indian missiles. Even Indian army is not sure whether their launched missile will hit Pakistan or not.

A question appears whether next Indo-Pak war would be nuclear or not? Certainly, the answer is , yes for sure. Pakistan is not going to start a war but anyways if Indians trigger war then certainly they will to face Pakistan's nuclear capability. India must not to worry about Pakistan's equipment and Pakistan's conventional warfare capability. 



Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaa.....not even funny!
Wake up and learn to live peacefully, India is nothing comaring to China and the other truth is Pakistan is nothing compering to India. Stop your fantasy otherwise both our country is going to face unacceptable distruction.let us live in peace.

some idio posted this article. Forget what india did in last 4 wars to pakistan in spite of having U.S equipment. Talking about indian missiles. hahahahhaha. They are very very very advance as compared to any chinesh made missile in pak arenesal. Before Mar his year, India is testing 5000 KM Agni V. Dont worr lets fight and then see who will be in world map.

PAKISTAN is not wealthy enough to spend billions on hi-tech weapons as INDIA is spending. So PAKISTANI strategy is to have some hi-tech weapons in hand & build more nuclear weapons to bridge the gap that INDIAN conventional weapons deals have caused. PAKISTAN needs to develop more sophisticated missile systems to deliver nuclear weapons. PAKISTAN is building nuclear weapons at fastest pace because SAUDI ARABIA wants these weapons too.

what a classy shit , utter nonsense ..
What amazes me is, your country has balls to comapre with India in weapons, missiles and nuclear bombs! BUT when it comes to health, education, medicine, space, manufacturing, BPO, and other firlds, you have no comparison to us! How the hell does this happen? YOU CLAIM YOUR MISSILES ARE BETTER THAN OURS, yet you have not yet been able to launch your own staellite with your own launch pad. You depend of china and europe to lauchn satellites, (total 3 so far)

Why the war? We were of the same country once. We fought for independence together. It is a fact that India is far ahead of Pakistan in development. But if a nuclear war happens, it would be the destruction of both. :)

It is obvious that we want peace as well as you individually. But what about other factors? No one fight for amusement and fun but wars are fought for solving some problems. Pakistan is having many challenges like water problem and also it is believed that Indian are involved in terrorism activities in Pakistan. For Pakistan there is also Kashmir issue and much more. Same is the case on Indian side. First of all these problems on both sides must be removed in order to bring about prosperity in both of these countries. That is only alternative of war in the century.

wtf!! anew halucination of pak..india is involved in terrorism in oak..forget nuclear wars,first clean ur politicians off who r groping fake notes like ds .its jst anthr escape window of pak to save itself 4rm humilition of being cls a terrorist cultivating nation.
abt ssue of water..the river whch indo-pak shares origins 4rm india,max area of river cms in india.india hs large HR dn pak,its bt ntral india ld seek mre of that part in wwater supply.

fuck china and pakistan both....we have something dat they don't have or na kabhi hogi wo hai unity bhale hi andar se ham ladte rahe lekin jub koi bahar ka aankh utha kar dekhega hum uski aankhe nial denge...yaha pe marne se koi darta ni wo pehle ki baat thi jub china ne nehru g k time pe hamle kiya tha tab hum tayiar bhi nahi the ab koi ankh utha kar main apni taraf se keh raha hun i'am working as a designer b8 always ready fr my country kabhi bhi ek jawan ki kami padegi main hamesha tayiar rahunga....(JO LOG YAHA PE APNI COUNTRY KO NICHA DIKHANE KI KOOSKISK KARTE HAI WO BESHAK PAKISTAN YA CHINA MAIN JA KAR REH SAKTE HAI)...ITS MY LIFE AND I'AM SERVING FIRS TO MY COUNTRY DAN TO MY FAIMLY..JAI HIND JAI BHARAT

well well well this post is totally a crap there is no comaparision between in india and pakistan . India is much much advanced then pakistan for example pakistan claims that they have 5 nuclear plants and they make 5 atom bomb per year and india produces only 2 or 3 . But why the fuck pakistan don't tells everyone that they produce 25 kg atom bomb and india produces 600 kg atom bomb lmfao so there is no comparision . India can fight with non-nuclear weapons too . India have brahmos whose speed is 3 match hits on bull eyes target wtf how can u make sucha comaprison .

wo wo wo, stop it, don't start comparing without any refrence. Ok see the latest refrence

Search international statements and then come here.

@Abhi, Dear I am also a designer but I am not affraid of death. Anyways you Indians don't affraid of death? I don't agree. Let's say you are not affraid of death then don't worry, just start a battle and we will complete your wish. I don't like braging and you Indians must to stop it, at least at my blog.

india and pakisthan are the country having advanced nuclear weapon but if we compare india is more advanced in approximately all sector
from pakisthan. but india always wants peace and pakisthan just lokking land of other countries.......india also done many mistake in past ex- pokhar

I don't know if any comparison of weapons technologies between two rivals is of ANY USE, since VERY SADLY we are being OBTRUDED with some JUNK SHIT LEADERS (in Pakistan) who are very much busy into licking the "AMAN ki AASHA" Ass to please there US Masters. Rather honestly speaking (what I believe) both Nations are being lead by Coward Idiots, and I don't see any Fight happening through Casual Weapons .....

and I do agree to someone Indian above here, We MUST do comparison of other sectors like, Education, Policies, Health, Business, Industries, Science, Technology (and likes), and SADLY, VERY VERY SADLY, WE ARE MUCH MUCH FAR BEHING THAN THE INDIANS, We must Admit that We are better in BRAGGING, TIME WASTING, LAZINESS and every thing HARMFULL as compared to Indians, Americans, Europeans and all those we tend to compare ourselves .... THIS IS SAD PEOPLE ...

Atom bomb sucks,it made military power obsolete.

India is bloody nothing.
Saale Ortoon k sahare jeene wale log.

Raw,Mosad & CIA r the most coward agencies in the world.
Tum log ISI ka kuch bhi nahein bigar sakte ho becauze Pakistan mein jab tak Pathan Log hein tab tak Pakistan will fuck America,India and Israel.
Saale buzdil log apni Orton ko use karne wale Log.

Tum Log apni movies mein hamesha buhat bakwas karte ho Pakistan k baare mein aur ess bakwass k ellwa kar bhi kiya sakte ho.?

Hey Idiot I think you r mad.Pakistan have more advance nucler waepens then india are you sleeping bastred?

haha dear pakistani bro s ... pls dnt compare defence with india its much high than pak missiles in ur dock yard

even pakistan has 3 generation bomb but the enemy(indai) has 2 generation

hay you mother fucker what you say about pakistan
india is the holybiche of my ass ,kiss my ass pakistan is more power ful then all . pakistan is the hydrogen bomb holder .teri maa ka lora bhan k chot

Hi Raza....
As pakistan is suffering form its own terrorisn is his country...try to solve that problem regarding the radicals....and thn try to come up in the level of india and discuss....regarding kashimir...u..ppl already have have 30% of kashmir and u ppl have gifted 5% to china apart from that wht u ppl want...just try to improve the living condition of humans in ur contry and enjoy ........

Raza,....u ppl have tried 4 times and already face the conciquenses...and also u ppl have started the war...not us...thts show the mentality...cut the crap u designer...have some logic and thn write in this platform..idiot....

Hy indian you mother fucker.......
Pak is dad of india

Stupid idiots... how dare you compare india with pakistan..... tz clearly evident that you guyz are still on the map coz we spared u...u disguise under the name of loval militia n ol nd attack india... recently your people came and went havoc in mumbai.lucky for you we indians love peace.. if we had the same mentality as pak..... ol wudnt be here to say this

pakistan has nothing in comparison and its a fact...we have interceptor missiles, if (i knw its not possible, but any how...) u manage to to hit indian within 8 mins, dude, that time u will wake bcoz, boom!, right in the air!...we will destroy that stupid and ill prepared nuclear missile in the air, and wat about palestine, guys runnaway, we have intercontinental missiles, and and u are talking about hours, we have cruze missiles...wanna hear more???!!!...;)

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

oye baap baap hota hai saala hil jyega gadho \m/

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Why u talk about the war u have the examples of 1947 ,1965,1971,1991 ,Dont forget if just the citizen from the smallest state of india comes and do toilet on your all the pakistanis will die of flood ...tumhari maaki chudiya khanke

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For all Pakistanis Gaali mat de Gaali mat de
Ghada Khodunga Har Janam meh tera Baap hoon

Aur tumhari maa ko chhhhooodddduuunnga

Stop comparing INdia with Pakistan ..nahi toh itna gaali dunga ki apne maa behen ko bolke kaan kaatwana padega......nahi toh hum tumhare dil meh itne ched karenge ki confuse ho jayenge saans kaha se le aur padhe kaha se

tango.....nonymous kitna bada cutiya hai tu koi sach manne ko tiyar hi nai hai san jante hue bhi sale khane ko khana nai pahnne ko kapda nai terorist ki sahre jine wale humko batate ho takat pahle jank ke dheko kha ho ladai karenge lagta hai adat ho gai hai bar bar chatne ki har kab sudroge jab map se pak. ko hatakar namard likwaloge tab sale pahle complete man banjao fir ladai karna.

Sucker coward pakistan armies... Dont have the courage to face our indian army face to weapons to the fucking terrorists and training them to fight behind our buttocks.. Cowardy rascals.. Even though u cant win.. U cowards dont have the courage to speak truth.. Hey u better suck our indian army men to get brave... Rascals

Awais,I am serious,write an article about Brain Drain that is harming Pakistan,other wise Pakistan cant make good weapons.

Stop this shit, n let me live peacefully...

pakistanioo ki maa ka bhosra samaj mey aaya... nahe to tumare mma ki chut mey land gusa dunga

bahi mere land b daal do pakitanioo ki gand mey

u bloody bastard pakistanis..
how dare u people 2 blame indians..
fucked by indian army thrice but u peopl dint develop ur brains..
shut ur bloody ass n respect india..

bolny do yaar pakistaniyo in haramiyun ko... khali bol he tou sakty hain yeh ENDian... aur kya kar sakty hain... mardun ki tarah larna nae ata inhy.. jab nae jeet paye 1 to 1 to pakistan k andr apny agnts bhej k terrorism kar k economy collapse karahy hain...
bechary apni RAW agency py itna khush ho rahy hain, nae janty k ISI inki baap hai.. us approved hai k aaj tak ISI amin koi double agent nae nikla.. aur raw main kitny ayse hain jo double agent hain..
military py baat karty karty jab laga k nae jeet sakty tou education aur science main agaye behss karny... sab janty hain india main jitni garebi hai utni pakistan main nae.. ENDia main sb sy sasti larki hai.. in loguon ka culture he aysa hai.. ma betiyun k peachy chup k waar karny walay hain ye.. mardun ki tarah kahan laar sakty hain islam ki taqat sy????
araay ye kiya laraingay ye tou abhi anday sy nae niklay pori tarah, america afghanistan main chud k jaraha hai wapis.. kiya ukhaar liya usny aaj tak wahan k islam ka????
ye loag bhi janty hain k asal jo first force of defence hogi woh hamary pathan aur balochi bhai hain jo ENDia ki ma behn main lund day daingy... is liye tou balochistan main ja kar apni ma behn dy rahy hain k woh alag hojain hum sy...
dhokay sy kamzoor kar k maarna chah rehy hain ye aur kehty hain k hum peacefull country hain.. aman ki asha ki respect karty hain... hahahaha... tabhi wahan ki jailun main pakistaniyun ko phansi dy rahy hain jab k hum yahan sy prisoners chor rehy hain ENDia...
darty hain ye salay baigrat.. janty hain k world wide military competetion 2012 main pakistan ki force ko gold medal mila jab k ENDia top 10 main b nae tha...


The truth is India is coward and cannot face Pakistan kiyunkay in maa kay lauron ki phat ti hai hum say!

What ever u say but pakistan,s missile technology is much better than india pakistan is ready to test taimoor having range of 7000 km and omer having range.of 12000 km but just waiting for right time no one wants war both nations should live in peace but agree to this fact that pakistan is better than india in missile and nuclear technology

India pakistan ka sala hai shoaib ne sania ko choda,mohsin hasan khan ne tumhari film star se shadi ki or tumhari dia mirza shoaib akhtar ko line marti hai or tumhari to munni bhi badname hai or hamare sheikh rasheed ki bhi shadi nai hui apni aurtey dena ka bohat shauq hai to aik je bar de do tum log bs apni movies mai he baqwas kr sqta ho u can isi is the world best intelligence agency your raw is just a piece of shit fuck u all gayhind gay bharat

Beta aik bar war hone do kitna jazba musalman mai hai kisi mai nai don,t u remember what happened in 1965 in world biggest tank war from sialkot border india,s 600 tanks were coming all pakistani tanks were in lahore nothing was there civilians tied bombs with their bodies and lied in front of your tanks after loosing too many tanks indians ran and u forgot.people like mm alam who destroyed your 6 jets in 1 min making a world record which no one has broken till now do your people have spirit like this can u explode yourselves yes we have it let the war began every pakistani will fight u till.last breath and i read some indian bitches r sayinh that india is better stop living in world.of fantasy u talk about missiles first tell me when u did your last successful missile test fuck u all isi is best and pak army won best army in war exercises defeating indian,russian and many more country soldiers

God bless on Pakistan in other field to progress as they done like nuclear technology'
God also save all the area of sub continent from nuclear war however india must be careful in their doing and stop talking about war but better they cooperate each other to compete other developed countries of the worlds

Malik Farooq

I am Ali khan from tribal area of pakistan . TTP which is fighting India fourth generation proxy warfare is almost defeated by Pakistani army and very soon there will be peace in pakistan . America is going to exit from Afghanistan and than all these people will be shifted to Kashmir to crush Indian army . We pushtons are proud to be Pakistani and we love our army. If India ever dare to attack pakistan we 30 million pushtons will be on frontline with Pakistani army

This comment has been removed by the author.

We pushtons will be on front line with Pakistani army if India attack pakistan and we will vanished India from world map .we are Muslims we don't fight with weapons we fight with faith. You Indians will defeat us who eats cows shit . We rule you for 800 years you were our slaves .

tum log kehte ho k indian army power full haii salle kaminoo tumharee hi logo ne mumbai mai attack ki aurr aik week larte rahe tum logo se baghairaton apnee kute tum se nahi sanbhale jate aye ho sherroo ko daraneee

Dude Pakistan is much more Advanced in nuclear capabilities

Yaaar Jo v ho India pak she kbi meet in skta..... in k log war k time bhagte he jb k Pakistani war me army k sath hang krte buzdil.....65 me phat game the...... India kbi MM AAlM Jesa pilot peda no kr skta ......6 plane 1mint me finish kr die......

i wish if i was working for isi i would have fuck ur kafir indian ars of delhi parliment with bjp licking pakistans feet inshalla dat days not far when india gona get wats coming worse then horishima in japan,,,,,,,,,,,,isi recruit me (0790973723 munir hussain from uk)

ha ha ha let do this,
we are ready ?

Hey! you indians motherfuckers we Pakistanis destroy india even without missiles remember the war of 1965 you cowards you indians are hallow mens

3time kute ke Tara har ke bhi ghamand nahin gaya. ...remember 4time tum nahin hoge bakwas karne keliye

Jab test hoga tumhare pote grandfather ban Gaye honge. .

Iqbal said
kafir ho toh shamsheer py krta hy bhrosa
Muslim ho toh Bay taigh bhi lrta hy spahi....

Indians your memory is too short... did you forgot the 1965??? when you attacked on pakistan with advanced weapons and with large army... and the world see that your army was runing back like crying child......

Pakistan's atom bomb is powerful then India because india nuclear warhead is ( 90-100). And Pakistan nuclear warhead is ( 100-120). Or jahan tak bat ha missile ki to pakistan k pass kitne missile han ye koi nahi bta sakta.

Kisi ko jhoot lage to internet per search kar skta ha.

indaia is fastly growing in various field. we pakistani must be sincer with our country. we should do hardwork in every field of life so that we can be a considered as developed country list. leave this topic & dont waste time... try to follow rules & regulation of islam this will help us the most powerful economy in the world.


Fuck UpP Indians and Israel and Also America..

I as an Indian thinks that Pakistan has better army and nuclear weapons! Can we not live in peace?

Can we talk about respect!!!each other guys go for victory go for peace!!!


indian latest mesile is prithvi 3. non able confirmed killing and achieve the target. but 300 km not sure confirmly....pakistan blastic mesile is latest ghauri 3...... target achieved killing range 2500 to 3000 km. cant tracked by anyone...... needs time achieved to target only 1 m and 05 seconds. DR samar mubarik says in his intervie that pakistan army able to attack on india and able to remove the india from the worlds map in only 01 minute and 05 seconds..... so kindly dont compare our nuclear power with india........ pakistan ll be on 3rd number in the worlds nuclear power programes... pakistans nuclear technology is more and much more advance then india...

so please if u want to live freely....! dont mess with pakistan........! my sugestion for enemies of pakistan.

hey you coward indian's did you forget the war in 1965 and still you are comparing pakistan with india

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pakistan just have 10 more atomic bomb than india and now pakistan does not make any more bombs
Then why yoy said pakistan is making bombs at fast rate
This is how you people thinks
And secondly saudi arabia does not need any atomic bomb it is peaceful country and it has defence pact with some countries including india

Pakistan is going to launch its satellite from its own launch pad by 2018

This comment has been removed by the author.

I agree that pakistan does not have so lond distant missile technology
But it has max of 2700 km range officialy announced missile which can hit india's last city in east very easily....
This is the otherside
Why we indians and pakistan people always hate and against each other....
cann't we people adopt peace
Why indian government does not spent money on the poor by decreasing their budget on defence....
India is so poor that more than 77 crore people does not have toilet facility according to uk companies survey...
But still every year it goes on increasing its defence and military bugdet....
Actually we people are responsible for such relationship
We do not find the third way which is peace

I agree that pakistan does not have so lond distant missile technology
But it has max of 2700 km range officialy announced missile which can hit india's last city in east very easily....
This is the otherside
Why we indians and pakistan people always hate and against each other....
cann't we people adopt peace
Why indian government does not spent money on the poor by decreasing their budget on defence....
India is so poor that more than 77 crore people does not have toilet facility according to uk companies survey...
But still every year it goes on increasing its defence and military bugdet....
Actually we people are responsible for such relationship
We do not find the third way which is peace

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Hahahah you are so funny Pakistan have much more nuclear weapons than India Pakistan is best and have much more new weapons

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