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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Online test format for Pakistan Army Commission Officer

The general format of tests of the PMA Long Course/Graduates Course of Pakistan Army is as follows:

1. Verbal Intelligence Test Questions

Questions: 96
Time: 30 Minutes

2. Non-Verbal Intelligence Test Questions

Questions: 96
Time: 40 Minutes

3. Academic Test ( A combined paper based upon General Knowledge, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics and English.
Questions: 40
Time: 30 Minutes



from where i can prepare these tests

Just buy Dogar PMA online test book from a local bookshop.

dear all
i want to do some work for to save my country.

Become a good economist or start a business. It will also help the economy of Pakistan. Infact, currently economy is our main problem. To save our country, we must to work on saving our economy.

is personality test at on paper or interview ?

Personality test is no more in online test.

Aamir Publications PMA 130 Long Course 2012 edition is the best book for these tests

what u mean sir..personality test?plzz tell me

Personality test is not included now a days. So don't worry at all.

with the help of GOD insha allah its my turn to enter in kakol

sir kindly send me link for ISSB PREPARATION,

Sir nice informati0n!can u tell me? is chemistry nd physics is included in army initial or not??

Sorry Dear, But chemistry and physics not included.

Tnx,sir i m medical student is math will be included in my initial or n0t??plz tell me i've n0t studied math but bi0logy instead of math!plz guide so i can prepare my self 4 initial?

so if math iz n0t included!!is biology will be included???

sir plz send me the link for to make a preprtn for intial test,plz

nd plz sir tel me the passing percntag in tst.....

Sir can u plz suggest me any authentic book for initial test preparation and issb as well???

Passing rate is less that 40% in initial test, but one who is prepared can pass the test easily. Dogar's Online Test Book is recommended for initial tests.

sir can i apply for PMA l/c i have 68% marks in DAE electrical ...

sir have any website where i prepared my self......?????

Salam every 1 plz tell me how can i give online pak army test (as an Army officer)

AoA Sir, I want to know about the test pattern for short service commision as a captain, which is currently advertised..
Thanx in advance :)
Kafeel Gul

aoa,sir i want to get test pattern for 138 GD(P) COURSE short service comission plz guide me

What subjects are included in GD(P)138 academics test? And what is the passing percentage in intial test?

Sir best books for verbal n non verbal intelligence test .......i hv given two time test but cannt non verbal intelligence test .....if any good notes for initial test sms me on this number i will be very thank full +923075778920

Sir plz tell about the format of preliminary test for long course as a captain after graduation for engineers.Thanks in advance

Aslam o Alaikum

plz guide me about LCC 13 intelligence test format for islamic studies

Thank you !

can u plz tell me about ICTO test pattern and what would be the slybus
and what about medical test for females...acc to my discussion forums its written that u have to go it so !!
should we have practical skills & must be good in coding/programmer????

plz can any one help me about prepration for LCC 13 islamic studies about initial test pattren

This comment has been removed by the author.

academic k kitanay wuestion theek honay cahiya ?

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