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19 killed in drone attacks on NW

Tariq Saeed

Peshawar—On the advent of the new year the US has gifted its so called friend in “War on Terror” Pakistan with four missile attacks on North Waziristan killing.The infamous US drones have been targeting Pakistan’s northern tribal belt for the last more than thirty months killing over 1300 people, mostly civilians, in over 250 missiles hits, on Saturday, the very first day of new year 2011, drones kept hovering in the skies all most all the day long creating panic and harassment among the residents in North Waziristan.

A couple of drones struck three times Spinwaam Tehsil some thirty kilometres north west of Mir Ali Sub- division of North Waziristan early Saturday killing up to 14 people.

The American drones first targeted a vehicle with two hell fire missiles in Manda Khel area some five kilometres from Pak- Afghan border killing around five people.

The drones again struck after some pause at a suspected compound in Ghorishkai area killing five more people.

The attack was followed by yet other missiles hit targeting a suspected vehicle that had hardly reached there. The third attack, killed four people.

“The American drones fired at least six missiles on the compound and two on a vehicle killing at least nine people. The area is situated in hilly terrain rescue activities could not be conducted effectively. The officials claimed the drones had targeted the Taliban militants belonging to Hafiz Gul Bahadar group.

According to details the US drones targeted a vehicle in Mohammad Khel area of Datta Khel Tehsil some 35 kilometres west of Miran Shah the headquarters of North Waziristan agencies. At least four people were killed and equal number of others received wounds.

Some officials claimed all those killed in Datta Khel missiles hit were the foreigners, yet they were unable to give the identity of the victims.

The American drone launched missile attacks in Waziristan agencies in August 2008 and since then have mercilessly been violating territorial integrity of Pakistan despite repeated appeals made by the Islamabad stop the attacks which were earning mass hatred against the Americans. However, all the appeals fell on the deaf ears of Washington According to rough estimates alone in the year 2010 the American drones struck 120 times Waziristan agencies killing hundreds of people with big majority being innocent people as admitted even by the international watch dogs.

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